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Accountability time!!


I've been a long-time Nerd Fitness lurker and have done a couple of half-assed attempts to get back to my former weight of 140 (was last there 5-6years ago).  Attached are my previous attempts in Jan 2017; April 2018, and Today Sept 5th!!


I'm in it for good now!


Motivation has always been an issue for me. My sister had introduced me to the PACTapp a while back - where you set a goal and if you keep it, you earn money - but if you don't meet it, you lose money. It was a terrific motivator for me!  Alas, PACT had sync issues and ended up closing down due to too many glitches.


Now there's another website called HealthyWage where you can set a weight loss goal and choose what you're willing to get/part with. I am aiming to lose 30lbs in 7 mos. I'm putting up $75 of my own money each month for those months and if I reach my goal, I get a bigger payout than what I put in!  Woot!  I love $$$ and fat loss!  

I'm trying to get my sister to join in the fun (because there are team goals as well) but I didn't know if anyone else using Nerd Fitness was also on Healthy Wage - then we could form a Nerd Fitness team together!  I think you can search via user name (I'm Ashleigh David)... here's a link/invite to use/explore the site (full disclosure, its a referral link, so I would get some perks if you sign up through there) https://hwage.co/394448/


If anyone is already a member, let me know and I'll try to find you so we can band together in Nerd Fitness greatness and glory!!


Happy Wednesday...


Ashleigh AKA Unicoroner

Jan 2017


April 2018




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