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I have a meal plan for my macros based on my ht and wt (im an overweight guy at 5'10 and 246lb who is trying to lose weight and still gain muscle), my boyfriend is trying to do the same meal plan to support me but he is only 5'7 and 150 lb and wants to gain muscle.  Does anyone know what his macros should be on a daily basis?  I am not sure how to calculate it.

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Lots of different ways to do it, by calories, percentages, points, etc.


I like to start with protein (minimum 1g/lb of bodyweight when losing fat or gaining muscle), set a minimum of about 0.3g fat/lb, a minimum of 100g of carbs daily, and then toggle carbs/fats to whichever ratio the individual most prefers.


eg. TDEE is likely ~1,950kcal while sedentary, but probably better to aim for ~2,200kcal/day to accommodate energy burned during workouts and to add a bit of surplus for muscle building.


minimum 150g of protein, 600kcal

minimum 45g of fat, 405kcal

minimum 100g of carbs, 400kcal

800kcal a day to play with - remembering that most protein sources will contain some incidental carbs/fats; and more protein is always another option!


The carb v fat will come down to how your boyfriend prefers to eat, how he feels, and what his goals are. Fat adaptation/low carb diets can have some benefit in endurance capacity, but carbs typically help to promote protein synthesis (ie. building muscles/hypertrophy) more effectively.


If it were me, I'd probably go (as a percentage of calories) 30% Protein : 20% Fat : 50% Carbs (660kcal/165g | 440kcal/49g | 1,100kcal/275g) on workout days, and 30P:45F:25C (660kcal/150g | 990kcal/110g | 550kcal/138g) on off days - ie. high carb on workout days, 'low carb' on recovery days. But he can figure it out with some experimentation.

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