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Elennare does way too many things!

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On 10/11/2018 at 8:30 AM, Manarelle said:

Well grats on the mad skating schedule, and yay on improving. That's a good sign, that you didn't realize so much of the challenge had passed; means you're just bopping along in your new groove (until a cold comes to take it out). Hope you kick the sickness before it becomes a full-blown thing. Are you feeling fancy and dressy again today? 


Thanks!  I seem to have managed to fend off getting sick, though I do have a bit of "belly not quite right" (Little One was throwing up, so I suspect I did catch whatever he had, just mostly fought it off).  I was fancy on Thursday, because that's when we actually shot the video.  Today, no.  I barely got out of bed in time to get Little Bug to school on time.  I think Monday I'll throw on a bit of eye shadow and maybe some lipstick.  That seems like it could be sustainable without requiring a giant schedule change.


Filming the interview was interesting.  They had us stare straight into the camera lens the whole time, which is the exact opposite of what you were supposed to do in all the other film work I've done.  I hadn't prepared any answers to the interview questions because I thought they only wanted one person speaking (and it didn't make sense that I'd be the one), but when we got there, they said they wanted everyone to contribute.  Apparently I managed to spit out some pretty good soundbites off the cuff!  We'll see if any of that even makes it in, though.  The whole thing is going to be edited down to 90 seconds. :)


I think vacation *is* going to happen, just a bit later than we thought.  My mom let me know that dad's work schedule changed and they will almost certainly be able to come watch the boys for us.  So, trying to schedule that is a project for...Sunday.  Because Saturday is booked.  Well, maybe we'll have some time to look at stuff on Saturday, but actually attempting to schedule anything will be better done on Sunday.


To that end, and the fact that subpool tryouts are likely to be the day after we get back, I've figured out what my next challenge is going to be, and it'll start during zero week (planning for Sunday, honestly).  For zero week and the first 2 weeks of the next challenge, I'm going to follow the Blogilates 28-day reset diet (similar to Whole30) and do the PIIT exercise plan.  I won't be doing an extra workout on practice days because that seems like too much.  If it turns out I can somehow handle that, I'll add it in, but I don't think that'll be the case.  I would love to get back to lifting in the gym, but looking at all the stuff we have to do (including making Halloween costumes...we've at least got most of the fabric we need now!), that's not feasible right now.  PIIT is a good workout, is relatively quick, and doesn't require a gym, so I think it'll be a good choice currently.

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Started my new challenge yesterday (will write it up today at some point). All things considered, this one went better than I thought it would. Also, as of this morning, I am down 10.2 lbs from about 6 months ago!

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