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Terah: Taking care of myself

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Oh no! Get well soon! I secretly love the sick days when you’re too sick to do anything, but not too sick to binge watch your favorite shows or read a book. But toilet races are never fun. 


Happy birthday A!

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Tuesday a week ago - Wednesday

I'm seriously slacking with my updates O_O 

I found a new YouTube channel that I love "High Carb Hannah". She is vegan, lives in a tiny house with her husband and two dogs and teaches the world about healthy food trough her youtube channel. 

I'm not vegan, but I can't tolerate eggs and milk so well, so she does give me inspiration for new recipes :)

She also recommended this book: "The pleasure trap". I got the audio book (because I'm lazy) and I'm loving it. 

It's all about how to be healthy in a world of fastfood and such. 


Apparently your body is well equipped to tell you how much you should eat, as long as you give it whole, natural foods. 

So it's combining clean eating with mindful eating. I like this approach and have been testing it for the last week. 


The nerd in me has been (globally) counting the kcal that I'm eating, because deleting my fitness pall didn't delete the knowledge of kcal from mu brain :p And I'm staying between 1800 and 2000 kcal each day. Which is a slight deficit for me. I'm never ravenous, or overly full, I have little to no cravings and I haven't binged at all. 


I've also bee staying away from the scale. I think it's good for my mental health.


That's it for the eating part. For the fitness side of things: I'm still going to zumba and dancehall. I've been going to the urban fit and yoga class too. I still love it :) Last Monday I did a dumbbell session at home, and it felt really good. So I'm thinking of doing that once or twice a week too. 


I've no idea if I'm on the right track, but I'm feeling good, so I will continue like this for now :)

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Thursday - Sunday

Did all the things on Thursday and Friday. Felt like crap on Saturday, and slept a lot of it away. Felt great on Sunday, went swimming with the boys and felt like crap in the afternoon and slept that away too. 


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Challenge summary

Quest 1: Eat healthy

I made great progress in this department. I feel like I can feel much better how much food I actually need as long as I eat whole foods. I've fasted a bit too, but only when I wasn't hungry. I had a few "bad" days, but no major binges like I had before this challenge.


Quest 2: move

I've done a few Urban Fit classes, and did one strength training at home. I've not been feeling well this challenge. I've been tired a lot and didn't recover that well from training. At the beginning of the challenge I had a bad cold, and hasn't gone away completely. I'm hoping I'll feel better next challenge. 


Quest 3: Adulting

I've been keeping up with chores, with thanks to SH for helping me. I've made todo lists a few times when I felt like my head was overflowing, but most chores have become routine and don't need to be listed all the time.


So overal I did really well this challenge :)

Up to the next one!

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Well done for your hard work and progress this challenge, Terah! I hope you feel better in the next one, you'll smash it regardless though ;) 

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