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AriatikStarr fits her old life into her new schedule


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I needed to exit this forum for a while, but I think I’m going to give it a whirl again.


The entire structure of my life has changed. I moved into a new apartment with possibly one of the shittiest landlords around. I’m now working full-time (plus) as a self-employed dog walker. I own a car. I’m dating someone who is into bikes. 


How this changes my routine:

- Previously, I was biking to all of my dogs. I now physically can’t do that every day because I’m dabbling in group walks to increase earning potential. 

- I’m struggling to get to the gym. By the end of the day, I’m too tired & evenings are set aside for social time anyway. In the mornings, I have a strong tendency to need at least an hour to eat and sip on coffee. 

- I eat like shit. I have been drinking copious amounts of Red Bull, then skipping lunch and ordering a lot of takeout. I’ve still lost ~20 pounds doing this, so it’s not a quantity issue but rather a quality issue. 

- I haven’t found time to read, study Spanish, or process new photos in a while.

- I am riding more for fun, and socially. This has been lacking for a few years now, so I’d consider it to be a positive change. 


1. Make it to the gym 4x per week.

I started going back this week (well one day so far). The goal is to get there around 7am on weekdays, and if I don’t manage to get 4 days in, to go on weekends. 


2. Ride-commute any days I don’t have a group walk. 

This seems self-explanatory. My next step here will be to drop my car off in the neighborhood with the group walk. I have done that once. The only negative is that i have to leave 20-30 minutes early. 


3. Drink 80+ ounces of water per day, not including hydration during exercise.

I’ve found that if I do this, I drink less coffee / Red Bull / beer.


4. Prep portable lunches each week.

This one is going to be hard, but I need this as a first step in reducing my gas station eating & take-out. It can be fruit & nuts, but needs to be calorie dense and thought out (not just throwing a bunch of food in my bag).


Bonus no-pressure goals:

- finish the book I started months ago.

- edit photos from a trip I took in July 

- study Spanish for one hour per week 

- do 2 “fun rides” per week, in the woods whenever possible 


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1. No gym

2. Fail, but I worked from 5-8ish this morning and decided to do laundry in between a few dogs. Not giving myself a pass, but in the name of productivity... (I also fully intend to drive to my next stop)

3. Didn’t cook lunches and my bananas are going bad. Prime bread making time. But I crammed a bunch of productivity in before 10am and then spent an hour cleaning my roommate’s bedroom in the afternoon.

4. Done.


...I basically ate pizza, and went from drinking coffee to drinking beer all day today while binging Netflix and cleaning. 

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Week 1 was an overall loss.


bike-commute was only one day... then I got a rental car. The next few weeks are VERY busy and have groups every day, so I’ll need to park my car in that neighborhood if I’m going to bike. Can’t put my bike in the rental, so somewhat dependent on getting my car back.


only drank enough water once. Only went to the gym once. Didn’t meal prep.


i DID go on two fun rides this week. However, the first one was terrible because SURPRISE... when you’re underfed & dehydrated, you don’t perform well. Second ride wasn’t great, but essentially we decided to slowly poke around and have fun so that I would last. 


Today’s plan is to probably ride again & go grocery shopping. 

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It’s alteady Wednesday. The most I’ve really done is meal prepped AND I took half of it to my boyfriend’s so that I’d have good there. Still hasn’t completely curbed gas station eats, though. Haven’t made lunch foods... 


I may need to buy a gallon jug of water to keep in the car and try to finish it off during the work day. Otherwise I tend to buy red bull or I just go all day without drinking anything.


this week & next week involve longer workdays and I’m struggling to sleep. Haven’t been to the gym. Also realizing I have a little over two weeks to plan out each stop on my road trip. 


Basically, I’ve copped out of all if my actual goals so far. 

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