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Scalyfreak creates a place holder, and replaces it

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Looking back, this whole challenge period was a bit of a chaotic mess.


1. Physical stress management – get a workout in three times per week. Use Habit Bull to track this so I can see progress.

This part would have gone a lot better if I hadn't been hit with a combination of multiple digestive issues while trying to fight off a cold. We're going to call this a forfeit due to circumstances and leave it at that.


2. Mental stress management – this is the part that keeps my mind from spiraling into an ugly Catch 22 of panic about how stressed I am.

Meditation remains awesome on every level. Special thanks to @MaD MaLKaV on this part of the challenge, for suggesting I check out Insight Timer as a source of guided meditations. The app is free, with a micro-transaction system where you basically pay for "courses" of guided meditations, or you can just use the huge library of free sessions, or you can use the timer and dive into meditation on your own. Versatility is a good thing in meditation apps, since I don't always have 15 minutes to spare in the mornings. But I can make time for 3-5 , and that is better than nothing.


3. Happiness Factor – The idea with this is to do something that makes me happy.

This one has been tricky. Without becoming too negative or detailed, a lot of things about the current political situation and political climate in the United States, stress me out. The rest flat out piss me off, and some of the political news do both. Combine this with what has been going on at work, combined with trying to be there for my husband (with varied success), and life has been very stressful lately. Stress is not good for my health, either physical or emotional. So for this one, "something that makes me happy" meant actively take control and reduce the stress levels around everything. And this was a success. :)

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