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Respawning & Rising from the ashes

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I'm alive. I'm here. Barely moving, but here. I had this great idea to improve my health years ago. I stumbled upon NF and made the investment to join. I started out reading all the material--so much material. (But I am a thorough kind of person. I like to know what is expected of me and the best way to succeed.) I got so lost in all the preparation and reading, I never made it out of the newbie stage in actually completing the challenges for the guild of my choice (that decision, also, took me far too long). Lesson learned: Read, but don't get stuck there. Don't get stuck on the minutia. You know the overall gist (speaking to myself here): eat real food, eliminate the junk, and have fun with the challenges. AND ENJOY THE RESULTS! I fell off the wagon so hard I actually went through the Earth's crust and just lived in the mantle for a bit, until now! 


So, here I am! Ready to start out with a 4 week challenge in the starter zone. My overarching goal is to be an accurate depiction of someone in the Assassin guild.

First, I need to concur my challenge quests:


  1. Be that fit girl in size 9 jeans and a medium shirt, turning heads.
  2. Lose fat % (BMI)
  3. Gain muscle - beast up
  4. Gain energy
  5. Reduce inflammation (did I mention I have arthritis? :rolleyes:) 


I have those goals broken down into smaller goals on my worksheet, but basically it boils down to:


  1. Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes/day
    1. Options: Elliptical, walks, hiking, weight training, body weight training, following NF challenge 
    2. Stretch 1-2 x per day (to improve mobility)
  2. Eat healthy (real food)
    1. Don't buy junk! Reduce/eliminate carbs (breads, pasta, sweets)
    2. Meal prep on Sundays for the week
  3. Drink ~124 oz water/day
    1. That's 3-4 refills of my 32 oz water bottle
    2. Alarms set for 7am, 10am, 1pm, and 4pm to refill


So, that's it! It's that easy. Just have to stick to it! Hoping to turn my hobbling walk into a smooth confident stride--turning heads, breaking hearts, and--most importantly--feeling good about myself. I'm 35 now and a single mom to 3 older kids (8, 11, 13). I work full time to provide for my family with an hour to hour and a half commute each way (followed by sitting at a desk for 8-9 hours). I am excited about refocusing on my health (and how that translates to more time with my kiddos). I was able to complete my degree with this same schedule, so I know that the time is there somewhere. You just have to want it!

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Hi Bobbi, I'm kind of the same, I discovered Nerd Fitness ages ago and did lots of reading and, um, imagining the new healthy me (I want to look like a hero, too). But it's taken me ages to get started. Real food, exercise and water sounds perfectly wholesome and simple! Good luck with your challenge :) I hope you find a type of exercise and some meals that you love.

Let cheese and oxen and mead crowd out our secret desires for power and domination - Harriet the Viking

Just be bold, fluid and unapologetic, not small, hairy and indecisive - Harriet the Artist

You can absorb me! - Harriet the Contextless Guru

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Thanks, y'all! I'm excited to follow everyone's progress!  We're in day two of the challenge already! :pride: Here is a super easy meal prep idea!  


Any combination of the pictured foods makes for a super yummy lunch! Simply dump a portion of the frozen veggies and a couple of the sausages into a container and put it back in the fridge.  These four packages make about 4-6 lunches, depending on portion sizes. I keep them in the refrigerator and take one to work with me. When you are ready to eat, microwave with the top loosely covering for 4 minutes on high.  Let sit for a couple minutes and enjoy!  




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I do this on "those" days.

"Those" days are days were a) the hormones kick in and I can eat and eat and eat... b) where I am not motivated to do anything or c) when I am meal prepping for work.

Today I cooked a bag of Cocos-Curry-Veggies put some tofu and udon noddles in it. Done for 2 meals (about 1kg/2,2lbs of food) :) (I need to eat big volumes)

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