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Hey ya'll. I'm Caranda, 17 years old, and at the time I am writing this I have just binged hours of this website's forums and have fallen in love with this community. While I'm not overweight, I am much chubbier than I would like and, most importantly, wildly out of shape. I've been trying to get back into exercising for a while now, but I'm now sworn in and about to join the ranks as a part of the National Guard. I have a year before I leave for basic and I would like to be able to the bare minimum for passing basic (e.g. more sit-ups, more push-ups, and actually being able to run without pooing out 10 minutes in). I do have a gym membership, but I find motivation hard to come by, especially when I have online classes and don't have much incentive for leaving the comfort of my home. I live in rainy Washington, so when it rains, it pours and I can find myself barely leaving my house for weeks at a time. Because I am a full-time college student and moved here from Texas, I don't have many friends here to hang out with or ask for encouragement from. I also have severe dietary sensitivities, but I tend to go against them often and will spend hours if not days in pain because I decided I wanted a milkshake (In other words, I have ZERO self-control). This doesn't end with food, however, as I will also sit down and watch hours of Youtube, Netflix, and anime, sometimes starting first thing in the morning before even thinking of leaving my bed. That leads me to some of my goals:

1) Find a local fitness community or a favorite class at the gym and actually go to them

2) Become stronger (Lift more, run longer)

3) Replace sugary treats with fruit

4) Work on self-control 

I really hope to get to know ya'll and will be cheering you on as fellow companions on this never-ending journey to a healthy lifestyle. :chuncky:

(By the way, I also have 3 dogs, so I sometimes feel too guilty for going to the gym instead of taking them all on a walk and I want to try to set time aside for both for the sake of my health and theirs...as well as my conscience haha).

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