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Help with swimming

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     I started swimming a little over a month ago and I just don't seem to build up any endurance. I have looked into the subject and I really can't seem to figure out how quickly I should be expected to improve. I am not really sure at this point if it is a technique issue or I am expecting to my improvements to come faster than they should.

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From personal experience, swimming is a funny one when it comes to building endurance.


Here are a few things that helped me build swimming endurance

  • Focusing 50% of my swim workout to technique work through swim drills
  • Building upper body strength through lifting weights (think shoulder press, pushups, pullups).

Swim technique is always number 1, it doesn't matter if you have excellent aerobic fitness from other sports, if your technique is bad, you will struggle swimming a few laps. 

Once your technique is good, having strong muscles makes it much easier. Seriously, I stopped swimming for one month, focused on strength work, then went for a swim and swam faster and longer, without my arms feeling tired.

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Longtime swimmer, I concur, if you are fighting technique you will tire out. Check out total immersion swimming for some good drills to improve technique. Can also get a pull bouy and hand paddles to work upper body strength in the water, or fins with kickboard for lower body. Mix those in to regular swim laps, mix in other strokes if you can, try to go slow/medium/fast speeds for a lap at a time. For how fast to see improvements, it depends on how much you swim, how fast and far you are going and how fast and far you want to go. Beginners on a swim team go 45 min 2-3x per week and see improvement in 3-6 weeks, with appropriate drills and focus. Hope that helps!

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