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1. Eat Better

  • limit packaged foods to once a day or less
  • drink water and eat multiple servings of fruit or veg at every meal
  • Only drink my calories and/or eat out once a week

2. Work Out

  • Daily yoga and walks or sport
  • ride my bike to work 
  • 3 seconds of handstand 

3. Improve My French

  • daily practice 30 minutes on app and podcast
  • Watch at least one French program each week
  • choose a French book to read at least once a week



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Day 2 of challenge when, whole riding my bicycle to work, my tire went in a crack and stopped, while I kept going - over the handle bars... Thanks inertia.
No break, but I twisted the ligaments and tendons in my hand and wrist pretty badly, so they put me in a temporary cast - 10 days of not moving it. Better than a month! It’s swollen and sore, but I’ll be ok.

I'm frustrated about the timing, though! I don't want to lose my momentum or motivation. I can keep working on my food choices and leveling up my life, but are there things I can still do to get back into an exercise routine without using my arm? Besides walking - I still do that every day for at least 20 minutes. I can work on my lower body...

Other suggestions?

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Oh, no!!! That's terrible :/

I hope it's not too painful.



Honestly, I woudn't worry too much about exercising right now. With an injury, it's not just that one part of your body that's affected, your whole body is working extra time to repair those tissues, so focusing on nutrition and rest is a good idea (especially the first week!)

I really understand where you're coming from though. Maybe this means reshaping your challenge into a part 1, part 2, with different areas of focus, so you can still feel motivated?


Take care!


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Oh no! That's really frustrating! I think Nol hit the nail on the head, that this week your whole body needs attention and care. A few years ago when I was doing a big exercise challenge I fell and got a concussion. I was so annoyed about stopping and recovering. One thing I did was schedule therapeutic massage every couple days to speed the healing process. I also got a couple treatments from my friend who is a professional acupuncturist. (I don't know if that did anything, but she offered, so I took her up on it!) Do you have things like this you can do to speed the recovery? Even if you can't do the exercises you want, I think if you can set aside the time for exercise and use it for healing things (hot baths? massage?), you'll be building the habit of including that time in your day. And that's a win. You can still do this quest!

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