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Spezzy's New Groove

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Yaaaaaay!!! Way to go on the site setup!

And super glad to see you’re ok, taking what you need to heal, and getting back to what you need to do!

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Wow I'm so glad everyone's OK after the accident - I hope your cough gets sorted out.


That meet sounds fun, it's always nice when things you were going to do anyway (or in this case, kind of do any way) ends up giving back.


Getting the site up is so exciting!

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Well, so the last week has been rougher than planned. Been to the doctor a few times, got a massage, going to the chiro pretty much every other day for the next bit, because my body is a mess.


But life is good. Trudging along. Missing exercise daily because of the accident and doctor's orders, but will focus this weekend on getting completely back on track :) 

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On 9/24/2018 at 8:09 AM, spezzy said:



I spent half an hour last night and bought web hosting and set this up: www.staciardison.com


It needs a lot of work, but I've wanted to get this up for a lot of challenges past, and the barrier has been that I want it to be perfect. So instead, I'm going to work on it little by little. So this is a start!



Maybe, but the foundation is solid. I like it!


Glad to hear you're healing too. :)

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On 9/16/2018 at 8:13 PM, spezzy said:






My 35th birthday is at the end of this challenge (on 10/11). As a part of this coming up, I'd like to write out at least a 1 year plan, if not 5 year plan, of things I'd like to accomplish over the next bit of time. In addition, I'd like to do the fear setting exercise for at least one of them. 






This one hasn't been "perfect" because of doctor's orders. I have been focusing on taking care of myself each day though - hot tub, stretching, short walks. So i'm going to actually say that I'm on track here - because listening to doctor is also a win here. 


For workouts, I've been doing super short workouts. My goal has been to get my worksets in, to keep me on track, and then anything else only if I'm feeling fantastic. 


Wednesday I did 3x8 squats at 210 and bw reverse hypers. 

Friday I actually hit a behind the neck split jerk PR at 200, then dropped the weight to 135 and did 3x5 BN push jerks (front rack feels absolutely horrific right now). 

Saturday I did 3x8 Deadlifts at 325, and then some super light hack squats and back extensions. 



So this is one that's been left out of the workouts, because of the doctor's orders. I think I can start this back up later this week, but generally because my body is such a mess right now, sticking with the big movements has been a necessity. 



I did this last week, and am going again this week. This week, I also need to schedule my next appointment. 



So this is one thing that was a challenge because it's always been a struggle for me - but the car accident has forced it to happen. I just haven't had the energy to not do this. So as I start to feel better, I need to focus on keeping this up. 


5) 35th BIRTHDAY

Been thinking a LOT about this one. (Helloooooooo near death experience to make you truly think about this). I still need to sit and do it, but I've been working on it a lot in my head. And with my therapist. And. Yeah. :) ON TRACK.


This week's plan:

1) Exercise every day, even if it's just a walk or yoga (potentially try a yoga studio). Madi is no longer puking constantly, and is off antibiotics, so I can start up her long walks again at least.


I get to start overwarmups this week, which makes me excited. 


I will squat 260x1 and then 4x6 at 220

I will bench 180x1 and then 4x6 at 155

I will deadlift 385x1 and then 4x6 at 335


2) Fun fitness - start incorporating this again, IF i get permission from dr. 

3) Go to therapy - go, and schedule next appointment

4) At least 1hr/day for myself: For this, I need to map out my week TODAY so I can make sure I have plans. Lots and lots of drs appts (3-4 a week for the next few weeks) are keeping my schedule pretty full. 

5) Start writing this down on paper. 

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so yesterday went GREAT.


1) read before bed

2) was in bed before 10, reading. 

3) Workout was:


Bench press: 185x1 (long pause overwarmup)

155x6,6,10(amrap on 3rd)


overhead press - 100 for 5 sets of 3


dumbbell bench, dumbbell fly, some super light accessories. 

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Hi! :)


Okay, updates!


First, I'm ready for 34 to be over, and to bring on 35. I feel like this last year has been super super testing. 


Case in point: the last week I've been in a lot of actual pain, experiencing a ton of muscle spasms, etc - even with being in the dr 3-4x a week getting worked on. Still stuff from the car accident. Lifting hurts, playing bass hurts, reading hurts. I ended up spending saturday listening to podcasts and cleaning because that was the only thing that did not hurt. 


And then Saturday night I woke up at about 5am because my tongue was swelling, so got up, lots of drs calls, benadryl - etc. Finally got back to sleep and slept till noon, but stayed away from the gym. Go to the dr today to get some details and start digging in there. 


Regardless, things are okay and I feel better overall. I do feel like I've been making progress even though I haven't really been able to work out. I'm off work Thursday and Friday of this week so that will be nice.


Mentally, I feel really good, even though physically I don't. So that's a huge win, anyway.


Anyway, still trucking along!

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Challenge Wrap Up :) 


I was kind of quiet this challenge, because dealing with the car accident basically took all of my energy.


The good news: I'm healed. I like the chiropractor I'm seeing, and the massage work I'm getting seems to be helping. So I'm going to keep that up as long as I can.


I still have a lot of paperwork to deal with, and the bills are gaining, but they should all be reimbursed, so that helps. 


Even better news: I think I got my groove back, finally, after the month. 


1) Exercise every day
I didn't do this until the very end, but because I kept being told it was better to rest (by doctor's) after the accident. But I'm now back to this and feeling great about it. 


2) Fun Fitness

Didn't really do this, same thing as "exercise every day". 


3) Therapy

Ended up only going twice because therapist cancelled twice on me in the last two weeks. Frustrating. But I could have made an appointment with my other one and I didn't, so that's on me. 





This one I was forced to do, and I did it. 


5) 35th BIRTHDAY:

I partially did this. I don't plan on doing it the rest of the way for another couple of weeks. We've got a few big decisions coming up, and I've gone over fears associated with a big one, but the big decisions would greatly change that 6 month to 1 year plan, so waiting there. But I at least figured out my biggest fears and how to best prevent them from coming true, while still living the life that I want - so that's a huge win and was a big goal of this specific goal. 



I SQUATTED 300LB FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER AND IT WAS GLORIOUS and it 100% comes down to my mindset being back and nothing to do with strength. I've had the strength, I just didn't believe in myself. And I do again. You can see me smiling before the lift because I just knew I could do it. That's the biggest win of all, getting THAT back. 


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Nice challenge. Great job at resting when you needed to. For me, that is sometimes harder than working out. Glad you did it, and that it paid off in not only you feeling better , but a PR>

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3 hours ago, spezzy said:


Even better news: I think I got my groove back, finally, after the month. 



It is underrated how much this matters. Glad to hear that the groove has returned, despite car accident and other challenges. :) 

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