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its been a while...

Im fine. Still a work in progress but im on the right track.


Its time to sharpen my focus again.

There is a major goal to reach: Make self care and self improvement a habit. Not jumping from event to event and slouch in between, feeling bad about exactly that.

I will do better every single day.


No idea how to get there yet though.


For this challenge:

  • Tai Chi: There are 2 training sessions I could attempt due to holiday and travel. Go to both. Practice Form at least 2 times a week.
  • CrissFit: Since I travel there are 3 weeks left. I will attend 3 WODs to ease back in
  • Inline Skating: Buy new rolls and enjoy autumn
  • Motocycle: Treat myself to two tours :)


Lets see how I will handle myself this time :)

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Uh. One of my favorites :adoration:

Hungover, thanks :)



I'm doing fine. Right now many things come up to be dealt with, but I get along...


Meditation shifted towards a kind of escape for me, I don't practice regularly... Recreation and refueling are topics on my  to do list :)

Tai Chi ist grilling me with the slow movements. I absolutely hate that, but it does me extremely well.

Motorcycling is a good way of getting my head free and still. That reduced the need for meditation somehow....


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