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Kwesadilo packs things up

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This will probably be a bit of a raggedy challenge, because I will be getting ready to move to another city if not actually moving before it is over. This came up pretty quickly, so I expect some significant disruption to my schedule, training and otherwise. The main thrust of my goals will be to avoid completely derailing my fitness and health habits while also not leaving all of the moving chores until the last minute, because I don't feel like doing it.



  • Squat: Keep progressing while maintaining good form. Last Friday, I did 275x5x3. My gym schedule will be almost nonexistent this week.
  • Mobility: Do mobility work every day.
  • Sleep: I'm bringing back the sleep goal. I've been doing a bad job with that for the past couple weeks, and I don't want to make it a habit. Get to bed by 11:30 pm on at least 5 nights each week.
  • Moving: Don't slack off on moving. I'm not sure what a good way is to quantify this, especially because I don't even have a first draft of a list of all the things I need to do. Tentatively, let's say that I want to finish at least one concrete task per week, even though I don't think that will be entirely sufficient.

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Week 1 update

I'll try to be quick, since I need to get to bed.

  • Squat: Squatted 280x5x3 yesterday with good form.
  • Mobility: Did mobility work I think every day but one.
  • Sleep: Got to bed on time on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I almost did on Sunday.
  • Moving: I've been going back and forth with various people that handle relocation at work. I don't have a firm move date yet, but I think all of the box checking on my part is done.

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On 9/26/2018 at 1:09 PM, Grumble said:

Intercompany move? Sounds like a PITA.


One day of squats is better than no days. So call it a win.

Intracompany, but the result of events somewhat beyond my control. As cross-country moves go, it sounds like it will be relatively easy. Compared to how I was planning on spending my October, it's been a PITA.

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Week 2 update

  • Squat: Last Wednesday, I attempted 285x5x3. I failed my last rep a bit awkwardly in a way that suggests that my weight is too far back. Today, I did 265x5x3 with no problems. I've been trying to adjust so that the bar is slightly farther forward on average, and it seems to be working.
  • Mobility: Did mobility work every day.
  • Sleep: Got to bed on time Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Saturday was pretty close.
  • Moving: I listed an extra set of wheels that don't even fit my car and have been sitting in my basement for over a year on Craigslist.

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This phone post is brought to you by either Nvidia or a bolt of lightning. I'm not sure which yet.


Week 3 update

Squat: My workouts have been shorter and less frequent lately to give me more time to stress about moving. Last Wednesday, I squatted 275x5 with good form for only 2 sets, for reasons that are not now obvious to me. Today, I did one set at that weight, didn't have good bar path on the last rep, and did another set with good form. The weight has gotten to the point where the idea of 4 sets is very unappetizing.

Mobility: Did mobility work every day.

Sleep: In bed on time Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

Moving: I did a pre-move survey, filled out some paperwork, informed my landlord, and created a tentative preparation schedule that doesn't look crazy. I have a tentative move date that works for me and my boss. Now I need to see if everyone else is cool with it.

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Week 4 update

  • Squat: For the past two workouts, I have been attempting 275x5, but my bar path is too far forward. I've only been lifting twice a week to free up time for pre-move chores.
    • Overall, negative progress. I think that next time I lift, I'm going to drop down to 255 to (hopefully) stabilize and then start working my way up again.
  • Mobility: Did this every day.
    • Missed one day out of 28. This went fairly well. I'm not sure how much I have to show for it, but I don't seem to be losing range of motion.
  • Sleep: Got to bed on time Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
    • 19/20 days. This was better than it could have been but worse than I would have liked it to be.
  • Moving: Last week, I sold the aforementioned wheels, researched banks, insurance companies, and ISPs near my destination, obtained copies of most of my medical records, and picked a departure date. The first stage of the move will intersect the next challenge, so that one may be even more raggedy than this one.
    • With the caveat that this was a pretty nebulous goal to begin with, I think it went pretty well. I have a schedule that seems reasonable, and I'm currently fairly on-track with that schedule.

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