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Cherry's Challenge!

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Okay, step in the right direction! Here are my goals:


Diet (pick two)

  • Swap out one soda per day with water   -this won't be too hard, I do this often when I'm tired of the sugar/caffeine
  • Eat a vegetable with one meal every day - this is going to be rough, I don't do well with vegetables, but I'm trying to find ways to incorporate them.


Fitness (pick one)

  • Walk every day (5 minutes) - this could even be in the form of standing up at your desk and walking around the office.  - also easy, I take the bus to halfway to my work so I can walk that route!


Level Up Your Life (Pick One)


  • Have troubles keeping the kitchen clean? Clean for 2 minutes each night before bed or first thing in the morning (when you're waiting for your coffee to brew, maybe?). Focus on one small area and keeping that one clean, and then once you're good at that one, start to expand it.     -everything seemed...hard, for me, honestly. But this is a big thing I need to work on. Cleanliness. I tell myself I'm too tired, I can't do it. But I have to. I have to! I'll get it, I swear.


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Nice, have you tried roasting vegetables? I find it helps with the whole texture thing...or maybe green smoothies to get more in?

RES...and I want to live days worth dying for

Current: RES: SET but not always ready


Growth happens when you care more about the well being of your future self than the comfort of your present self!

"Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. But weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is." -Yoda


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