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Hand red and swollen (and a bit dry)

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Hey everyone,


I go to the boxing gym 3 times a week. 3 months ago, my hand started to get dry/red and a bit swollen. At first, i thought it was poor hygiene of my gloves and wraps, and maybe a bacteria infected me. However, i stopped fighting for 2 months (because of a personal issue) and the problem was gone. I went to a doctor and he said i was washing my hand too frequently, and soap was attacking my hand, so i should use a less aggressive soap (and more expensive, btw).


Ok, anyway, problem gone.


However, i got back to boxing a few weeks ago, after the break, and my hand is starting to look weird and itch again. I'm now maintaining my equipment as clear as possible -> I'm even using alcohol and and another kind of disinfectant to clean my wraps and gloves every friday, and on monday and wednesday (the other days I go to the gym besides friday) I let them dry in my window after training.


What might this be? Any ideas? Is it normal?


Thanks a lot!


Some pics:





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