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Hello everyone!

I'm a 25 year old girl from a faraway land of Serbia. I hope that I will be able to tell who I am gradually by participating in this community, and with updates to this thread. I have just recently heard of the NF Forums, but I've had NF Academy on my wishlist for years, from when I gained some significant weight for the first time (because of mental health issues, particularly a one stay at the mh hospital where I devoured sweets due to my state). That was 4 years ago, and before that my body was lean and attractive, even though I didn't deliberately made it that way. I was very comfortable in it. Now it's the opposite. After that start, I continued gaining more and more weight, but thankfully, I'm around 15 lbs lighter than a year ago, and my weight stayed the same last few months. 
I respawned a couple of times in the NFA, but I was too depressed to keep up with stuff from it. I even tried hard planning my first challenge when I first discovered the Forums, but I couldn't complete the process, so I gave up. The classes and corresponding quests are what drawn me into NF the most, and these challenges connect them perfectly! I've spent hours planning this challenge too, and I'm stoked to finish, and to finally be a part of it! 

Other than that, I'm curious about a lot of different topics, i.e. I have a broad range of interests, and I'm in the process of recommitting to my old hobbies and finding new ones. Actually, I want to finish reading one self-help book/program, and restart an online course in order to gain more clarity on what I want to pour my energy into, so I can live my best life. The one thing I have been most consistent is learning languages on my own, but I still know only English and basic French. I also used to play a lot of different video games as soon as my father could teach me to use the computer, but now I'm mostly, from time to time, playing The Sims games. Now, onto the challenge details:

My current Main Quest is the following: Learn to manage my mental health, take care of my psychological issues/mind, and lose around 32 kg/ 70 lbs. (not during the challenge, but that's what I'm striving for in the long run), and the supporting quests are:


  • Start journaling every day. Pick one of the 3 techniques, and do it before bed/in a cafe/when solo/etc. Get the table lamp for reading and journaling before sleep
  • Continue deliberate, everyday (at least) 5 minutes walks

  • Do yoga 3 times a week, and try to do it as early in the day as possible
  • (starting from 10/08) Drink only tea, black coffee and water. Brainstorm the ways to get as soon as possible into the routine of making tea and coffee on a stove





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Virxen the level 0 Satyr
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Welcome back!


You've respawned and posted here, so you've already taken the first steps!


If you feel you need added support on your quest, you could also join the Facebook group. Being in the Academy grants you access.

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In these two days, I managed somehow to journal and walk on both days, despite some real resistance and obstacles. 


Even though I was seriously sleep deprived and fatigued, I managed to start journaling, with free writing technique, where I kind of only brain-dumped on paper, but next day, I managed to do the Love Response. I've found a PDF on my computer with 3 techniques for it from the author who wrote the article about Deadpool on NF, and whom I've been following for awhile, Amy Clover.

I walked to the shop nearby with my mom, and took a bit longer route home, since it's only 5 minutes or less away from my place. 


PMS started for me the next day, and I've been so messed up, and seriously burnt out by the end of it, even though I haven't done anything particularly noteworthy, but I still managed to go outside after midnight, alone, on a short brisk walk, even though I procrastinated for hours. I accomplished 10-day streak and my personal record for the 2nd time since I first started questing in the Academy, so that means that I'll hopefully break it tomorrow. :)

Virxen the level 0 Satyr
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