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SeekingCassandra is planning a comeback. . . .


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*sneaks into the back of the Rebels that have already been gathered since 9/17 and pretends she was here the whole time* *drops something heavy onto her foot or something* *falls over* *so much for sneaking in* . . .


I've been here the entire time since *looks through her own content history to find her last post* December of last year, I SWEAR!! Ok, yeah, I don't believe me either. . .so, anyway . .


Hi gang! It's been a while. Life kind of came at me hard and fast end of last year. In a matter of a week basically EVERYTHING changed - Got a job offer, got fired from my then-current job, and found out I was pregnant. Needless to say, between that and the holiday, I took what was supposed to be only a three week hiatus. I had every intention of getting back in the fight come the new year, with all kinds of super-healthy-pregnancy goals. But then morning sickness and 1st trimester exhaustion kicked my butt, and new job, and blah, blah, blah. So, with everything I was dealing with, I gave myself permission to not sweat it. I could only deal with so much, and some things had to take a back seat.


I am basically right back to where I started when I first signed up weight-wise, so while disheartening, at least I was lucky enough (and good enough food-wise during pregnancy) that I didn't pack on a HUUUGE amount. I fell into my old eating habits, so I likewise fell into my old body. But the entire pregnancy I kept telling myself "You lost it before, you will do it again."


So  . . here I am, making good on that. I was cleared to start exercising again on 9/17, so that is when I tentatively started the respawn process (and should have started this challenge right on time, but what can I say, I like to make an entrance).


I thought about just waiting to post until the next challenge, but over the weekend I caught myself slacking off on the few small challenges I had set for myself  and had been maintaining for 2 weeks, so, I needed accountability . . also, I missed you guys! (The facebook group is nice, but just not the same as forums. Call me old school!)


Here's what I have been doing to ease myself back into the swing of things, and my challenges and goals for the remaining week and a half:


  • Track all food consumption. Doesn't have to be meticulously accurate, but needs to be entered.
    • Sub challenge: keep calories at a 0 to 500 deficit. Once the next challenge starts I will tighten in that goal, but this is just a warm up to ease myself back in.
  • Bodyweight work out - I retook the benchmark and got demoted down to 1a and b. I probably could have pushed myself to level 2, but again . . . warm up. Do it twice this week, and three times next week.
    • Goal: beat General Doms at the end of this challenge
  • Drink water at work, at least 4 large tumblers. (Need to come up with a way to quickly and efficiently keep track of my refills tho - I don't always have time to grab my phone an log it in my fitbit ap. I am thinking of adding a post-it note flag to the cup every time I walk to the fridge? Or reverse that, and put 4 flags on my cup and remove once I am done? I don't know, I need ideas.


In addition to the above, Fetch-quests goals for the remainder of the challenge include

  • prep house for guests coming in for Baby's baptism
  • determine what I am cooking for the post-baptism cook-out
  • sort out baby's clothing, bag up what she has already outgrown (!)
  • hit christening gown with another round of oxi-clean to get rid of linger eau-de-mothballs


Loot if I accomplish challenges: new fitbit band and back up charger


All of this SOUNDS stupidly easy to me, and I hate how not challenging they seem to be. But then i remember I work a full time job, and have a 2-month old and a husband that also require large swaths of my attention and it makes it seem a bit harder.

But a week and a halfish left - I got this!




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Blog: https://seekingcassandra.blogspot.com/

Current Challenge:  SeekingCassandra is planning a comeback

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"One day, they may write about me as a traitor, a madwoman, a fool. And they may be right."

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Someone buy me a pass, because I need to get on the struggle bus. . .




I was doing *SO WELL* with tracking my food daily, prior to putting down the words stating that I would do it as a challenge. Since then . . . garb-o.  Same with drinking water. I was consistantly drinking at least 3 tumblers a day. Now, one if I am lucky. Work outs, only managed 1 last week.


I *did* manage to get through some of my fetch-quest though. Baby's outgrown clothes are sorted and bagged up, and Christening gown is sparkling white and no longer smells like my mother's attic. Still have to sort out appetizers and clean the house, but those can be taken care of in the next day or two.


I guess with all this failure, I will use the remainder of this mini-quest time to sort out what IS working for me, and what ISN'T.


Ideas to implement on next challenge (and practice the remainder of this week):

- When I am meal prepping for the week, pre-load all the meals/recipes into my apps, so I can pre-log or easily log all my meals, rather then having to take the time each meal time/day to log every individual ingredient/component of what I eat. Saves time, and I think it will make me want to stray off meal plan less.

- Bring a pitcher/jug to fill with water to keep at my desk, so I know exactly how much I have drunk each day. If I do this it's kind of a win-some/lose-some affair - getting up to get water is a few extra steps each day. But honestly, that's half the problem - I am often too busy to get up, and also it's only like 50 steps to the fridge so it's not like it's actually a real walk. I think it will be a net positive trade off.

- Work out during Baby naps, or somehow find time to fit in work outs around her schedule. That or find ways to work out WITH the baby?? (Car seat carry = Farmer's Walk??)




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Blog: https://seekingcassandra.blogspot.com/

Current Challenge:  SeekingCassandra is planning a comeback

Previous Challenge:

"One day, they may write about me as a traitor, a madwoman, a fool. And they may be right."

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Not to jinx it, but making a late comeback in the already late challenge. Got everything logged foodwise the last 4 days, and I am at or under my target for all of them! (Which is good because post-baptism cook-out this weekend is shaping up to be a delicious, calorie laden affair...). I've also worked out twice. I was aiming for three, but hey! Twice is better then once!

And in a upside/downside bit of news - I was desperately looking for some kind of positive change in weight/measurements/strength (despite previously described slightly lack luster efforts) and was getting kind of down and losing motivation. Then, the dresses I custom ordered to my measurements 2 weeks ago arrived! They are super loose! Which is kind of a YAH, but also a "Dammit" kind of moment!

Blog: https://seekingcassandra.blogspot.com/

Current Challenge:  SeekingCassandra is planning a comeback

Previous Challenge:

"One day, they may write about me as a traitor, a madwoman, a fool. And they may be right."

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