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Stepping up my game... or die trying


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With the end of the year fast approaching, I’m continuing my main quest to lose 7.4 kg (16 lbs) by Dec. 31st - BTW, that’s just the first phase of my weight loss goals. To step it up, I plan to abstain from pasta, bread, cookies and other empty calories 6 days/week. That's the "or die trying" part :nevreness:


Quest 2: lose body fat by getting stronger

SMART goals: continue rowing 3 days on/1 off per week, do bodyweight Level 2 exercises 3x/week, walk 20 minutes/day (minimum).


Quest 3: learn the ukulele

SMART goals: continue practicing 30-45 min./day, but I need to practice more effectively, so I will set a goal for each practice session, choose a few tasks to practice and cycle through them a few times. I'm also signing up for my next round of formal lessons today (Oct. 15)


Quest 4: meditate 30 min./day. This year has been all about self-discipline with my practice, so I will continue to meditate at the first down-time opportunity, then cross the date off my calendar once finished (AKA, "don't break the chain").


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Your goals look excellent @Ambera Wave. Very specific and reachable. And I'm proud of you for continuing to your larger goals for weight loss.


Let me know if I can help in any way.

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Hi @Wolfen


10 hours ago, Ambera Wave said:

To step it up, I plan to abstain from pasta, bread, cookies and other empty calories 6 days/week. That's the "or die trying" part :nevreness:


I wound up having a ukulele lesson this afternoon, and decided to have a late lunch/early dinner at a pub a few doors down from the school. I had a pint with my hamburger steak/veggies/mash and it was so good that I know that I'm going to have a hard time not returning there every week after my lesson.


I don't believe in "cheat days" - past experience showed that it doesn't work for me - but my plan to abstain for 6 days implies that I will have one. So I'm worried that giving myself a little leeway once a week will undermine my efforts.


Any advice, words of wisdom?

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Okay, so after consulting with Academy sensei Brittany, and in keeping with embracing small changes, I am rephrasing the SMART goal for my main quest:


To step it up, I plan to abstain from ONE of the items mentioned above per week during the challenge. No need to "die trying" :)

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So far, so good. To date, I’ve abstained from pasta, cookies, and bread. Now here comes the really hard part: staying away from empty calorie foods. Since lots of foods have empty calories, to be more specific, I will stop buying foods that contain solid fat and/or added sugars (cakes/pastries, energy/sports/fruit drinks, pizza, ice cream, etc). Butter for cooking and cheese are not foods that I am willing to give up, since they are used sparingly.  Wish me luck!

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