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[Sylvaa] I'm Bringing Spreadsheets Back


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Okay, I have a few minutes to breathe I believe, so how about an update!


I've got some pretty crazy IRL stuff going on, which I'm not prepared to talk about yet. It is life changing, but not in a bad way, so it'll be fine. 


I'm back on the road this week, which is really nice. I've hit my steps and my workouts and everything is right in the world. I have been a bit stressed lately as we were trying to prepare for a meeting today, which meant a bunch of extra work, on top of meetings all week. Luckily, I've already crossed three things off my list today and I'm planning on getting stuff cleaned and planned (fingers crossed!). I know I say this all the time, but I NEED to exercise for my mental health and then I continuously don't unless I'm on the road. 

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So I made up a 2.5 mile run from my training plan because I ran out of time for it earlier in the week. It was 39 degrees (Freedom units) and just about dusk when I got out to run. Ended up with my best run in a long time. I'm not sure if it's being more active, training regularly, swimming more, or gotten used to running a more hilly route. But it was like 2 minutes faster per mile than usual and it wasn't a GPS error. . . 

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Wow!! That's awesome!

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2 minutes ago, NeverThatBored said:

Wow!! That's awesome!


Yeah, it was kind of weird. Like, I guess whatever works, but I wasn't expecting it. The run felt really good. I honestly think swimming more is helping with my breathing. 


This is also like 100% better than I usually do at home over the weekend. So as long as I get a bike ride in this week, I've had my first really successful weekend for a long time!


Now to get my eating back together again.

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On 10/16/2018 at 7:11 AM, Sylvaa said:



Did I mention that this weekend my son applied for college? Holy moly! I'm not ready for this! He's applied to Penn State - we have a local campus down the road, then he'd complete his last two years at main campus. He's declaring teaching (science) as his major. 


I know I’m about three weeks late, but that’s awesome. I taught science and math and it was really, really fun. And terribly fulfilling. 

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