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Healthier life

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This is my first time on here and I'm quite excited. I am 44 yrs old with a 7 yr old son and married 11 yrs. I used to be a professional dancer and worked in shows around the world. Since retiring I have let my healthy, fit lifestyle slip and have gained 4 stone in weight resulting in breathlessness and joint problems. I feel its time to stop making excuses and using baby weight gain as my reason.

I feel tired and lethargic, suffer with anxiety and hate buying clothes.

I want to feel energised, vibrant, look better, sleep better and be able to run around with my son.


My main goals are 

1) To make healthier choices

2) Enjoy exercise again


To get me to my main goals

1) Take a walk on my days off 

2) start the intermittent diet 16/8

3) Find a swimming pool 

4) Go to bed earlier and read a book

5) cut down alcohol 


Life changes

1) Tidy lounge each night

2) Make sure dishes are washed each night 


So this is my start off challenge!!!! Here we go..........Im feeling quite positive









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Thank you, 

My healthier choices would be things like

Taking homemade food to work instead of the local pre packages, this would also stop me buying crisps and chocolate.

Drinking waterer squash instead of soda, or tea instead of wine!!

Walking to the school pick up instead of the car.

Cooking more from scratch and not using jars.

There are so many small things that I can change at first and then move on to cutting some things things out altogether.


Im normally an all or nothing kinda gal but I need to pace myself and take one step at a time.


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These are great ideas! I ask because putting them on here makes it more real, as well as easier to hold yourself accountable.After all, the S stands for specific ;) 


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Hey there, hope your goals are going well so far :) it's an impressive list of goals! I like how you made the exercise portion simple like "taking a walk" - I tend to be a bit all-or-nothing and it's a pain in the brain sometimes. Also excited to hear you used to dance! What kind was it? I do Latin now but purely as a hobby.

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