Someone barfed at storytime today.    That’s an awesome way to begin a challenge, right?    Everybody barfs.   Challenge goals. Right.  Last challenge, I worked on boundaries and mindfulness, and this challenge, I want to hone that a little more.   1. Mindfulness of food. Not just what I’m eating but appreciating the smells, the feel, the taste of food. Paying attention to how I feel after I eat it.  2. Setting boundaries for work. With a new job it’s easy to get sucked into working all the time, and thinking about work all the time. Every day I’m going to do have a mindful step away from work and into relaxation. Maybe I’ll need more time to step away, and will need to exercise, meditate, whatever helps me quiet my brain. 3. Remember to play. Being a grown up is a serious business. I see kids playing and its a fun learning experience. Not everything is a chore, and I’m going to find joy in everyday living and create fun opportunities.