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Tobbe eats like a...


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Tobbe eats like a...


... dumpster diver




... American




... Steve




... Swede





Just like my last challenge I'll split this one up on a week-by-week basis, with loot for every completed week. Ka-ching! :P 


Week 1: Tobbe eats like a dumpster diver

For the first week I'm going to try to eat as many UFOs as possible. Unidentified Frozen Objects. Whenever we have leftover food we usually put it in some box, and then throw it in the freezer. And then forget about it. Or if we buy some meat, but only cook half of it, the rest goes in to the freezer. Problem is we just keep buying new stuff, never eating what's in the freezer... So now I don't even know what's even in all of those mystery boxes, aka UFOs :D 


Every day I cook/make a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) with something from the freezer I will get one point.

For any extra meal that has a UFO in it I'll get a bonus point.


Max regular points for week one is 7. To earn my loot for the first week I'm going to set the target at 4 points.

I can trade two bonus points for one regular point, if I want/need to.


Week 2: Tobbe eats like an American

I have some food that I bought when I was in San Diego, CA this summer that I didn't didn't put in my loot box, but that I still obviously want to eat. And I have some favorite American dishes that I want to cook and eat. So for the second week I'll try to cook American-inspired dishes for dinner.


Same rules as week 1 regarding points (but American inspired meals, instead of UFO-based meals)


Week 3: Tobbe eats like a Steve

The third week I'm going to try to follow one of the NerdFitness meal plans. It has breakfast, lunch, dinner and an optional snack planed for a full week.


Not sure how to reward points for this one really. Looking at my calendar I'm only going to be home for Mon, Tue, Wed, then I'm away on a business trip. So I'll only eat nine meals (plus optional snacks) at home, that I can cook myself, that week. One point per meal that's according to plan, and loot rewarded at 6/9 points. Does that sound fair? Bonus points for snacks that are according to the plan.


Week 4: Tobbe eats like a Swede

Last week is Sweden-week :) I'll cook and eat like I remember I did while growing up. So I'm aiming for a traditional Swedish breakfast. Lunch and dinner will be food inspired by what mom used to cook when I lived at home. Only change I'll make is to add a little extra veggies than what I ate when I was a kid ;) 


Again, same rules as week 1 regarding scoring.



I'll also set some fitness and NF quest goals, just like last challenge, but I will have to think a little bit more about those.


Quests that I know already now that I want to tackle are:


Hack your sleep
Go through your clothes

Fitness: Keep a Public Training Log - 60 XP
Fitness: Keep a Training Log - 60 XP
Complete 6 Weeks of Your Workout Plan! - 400 XP



I also want to actually open a book (physical, or ebook, doesn't matter...) and read a few pages.

And I have some financial stuff to take care of too... But I still have some days to fully plan this out :) 

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16 minutes ago, Rubik'sCat said:

As far as we Americans go, sometimes there isn't much difference between dumpster food and American cuisine, or it looks that way at least half the time. Good luck with the rest of your challenge. It looks very ambitious, you'll get a lot done.


Thanks for the encouraging words :) I got a lot done last challenge, and hope I do so again!

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That's a great challenge and a nice theme!

I'm excited what you will find in the freezer :D

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11 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Following. I look forward to your interpretation of American food as well as your Swedish week.


11 hours ago, Tobbe said:

Those are the two weeks I'm most excited about too!


Just to set the record straight, I do look forward to the other weeks as well.


Dumpster diver week is going to be great because it's always a nice feeling to clear out old crap. The other day my wife found a piece of pork that was more than a year old... She made a wicked stir-fry out of it, so no wasted food, but still. You're really not supposed to have pork in the freezer for more than three months...

And I'm also curious about what old frozen lunchboxes I can find. It's like a bit of a treasure hunt! Might find something that's both super tasty, and already cooked! Win, win!


And Steve week is nice because it's already all planned out. I don't have to think about what to cook. Just look in the meal plan and cook whatever it says! Plus I get to try a bunch of new recipes I wouldn't try otherwise Yummy

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I don't have UFOs :(
In another forum we had a challenge (I think last year) that was called "Los Wochos". A spoof of the language spanish, roughly translated in "The weeks".

Where we had to live by our supplies. That was fun!

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13 hours ago, Arkania said:

In another forum we had a challenge (I think last year) that was called "Los Wochos". A spoof of the language spanish, roughly translated in "The weeks".

Where we had to live by our supplies. That was fun!


My wife sometimes jokingly says we could survive half a year, or more, just living off of the stuff we have in our freezer and cupboards! :) And she might be right! Would be good to trim that down a bit...

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Just like last challenge I'm trying to complete quests from the weekly emails you get the first 12 weeks after joining the Academy that I've fallen behind on. And some extra quests that I do just because they sound like fun and/or useful/beneficial :) Approximately 100 XP per week worked well last time, so I'm aiming for that again.


Anyway, this is my initial plan. Might still tweak it up until Monday, week 1.


Week 1:


Mindset: Stop Slouching Wall Challenge - 25 XP

Start by standing with your heels, butt, and head against a wall. Pull your shoulder blades back until they’re touching the wall too. Do this for 30 seconds in the morning and the evening for one week to get started!


Mindset: Keep a Sleep Journal - 25 XP

To complete this quest, keep a sleep journal for one week.


Fitness: Keep a Training Log - 60 XP

To complete this workout, keep a training log for one month.

I could actually already mark this one as completed, as I've been writing what I've done for all of my workouts in my battle log. But I want something that's easier for me to reference. Something more structured, so that I can see that I'm making progress. So my actual goal for this week is to figure out some kind of log/data table/document where I can keep track.


Bonus quest: Fitness: Jump Rope #1 - 25 XP

To complete this quest, jump rope (single unders) for 30 seconds without stopping.

I'll try to complete this quest, but if I can't do it, I'll just move it to next week and try again.



Week 2:


Mindset: Where is My Super Suit? - 40 XP

To complete this quest, take everything out of your closet and drawers (yes, everything) and stack it all where you can see it. Then, sort things into three piles: give away, get tailored, and keep.


Complete the NF Beginner BW Workout 3x Per Week – for a month - 150 XP

To complete this quest, do the NF Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3x a week for a month

I did the Beginner Workout three times last week of the previous challenge. So if I do it the "rest week" between challenges, and the first and second week of this challenge I should be able to mark this one completed this week.


Complete the NF Beginner BW Workout 1x Per Week - 60 XP

To complete this quest, complete the NF Beginner Bodyweight Workout 1x a week for a month.

If I can do it three times per week, I kind of get this one for free :) 



Week 3:


Mindset: Hack Your Sleep - 25 XP

To complete this quest, look over your sleep journal and make two changes to your sleep strategy.


Nutrition: Try a Nerd Fitness Recipe #2 - 25 XP

Try two new Nerd Fitness recipes. Choose from the Nerd Fitness Recipes page.

This is pretty much a freebie, as I'll be following one of the NF mealplans this week. Which obviously means I'll be cooking plenty of Nerd Fitness recipes :) (Plus, I'm already halfway there, since I've already tried another NF recipe (the "Ants on a log" one) after completing the "NF Recipe #1" quest)


Mindset: Smile More - 25 XP

To complete this quest, harness the power of your smile and use it to power up your confidence! 5 times a day for the next week, remind yourself to smile. Thinking of your most recent big win or a happy memory can help (just like summoning a patronus)! To practice smiling a friendly, genuine smile stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes, and look down. Look up, smile, and open your eyes at the same time.


Mindset: Take Your During Photos and Measurements #1 - 25 XP

This is a repeat of the "Snap Those Before Photos!" Quest – only to be completed one month into your journey.



Week 4:


Mindset: NaNaNaNaNa BATCAVE! #2 - 25 XP

To complete this quest, make another upgrade to your home that makes it easier to maintain the new habits you’ve been building. This quest should be completed at least one month after the previous Batcave quest and after those changes are now standard.


Fitness: Keep a Public Training Log - 60 XP

To complete this workout, keep a public (instagram, evernote, forums) for one month.

Yes, you guessed it. I'll post it on these forums :) Most likely in my Battle Log.

Complete 6 Weeks of Your Workout Plan! - 400 XP

Nerd Fitness has always had six week challenges. Let’s see if you can complete one! If so, you’ll be unlocking boatloads of XP. Woot!

It's actually going to be eight weeks by this time, but the more the better, right? :) 

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