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DaemonCorax incubates and searches for goals

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Lol at my project ideas. That bit of energy lasted all of 5 minutes. I AM going to do that project sometime in December because we need it, and MFH already has a bigger project ripping out our basement ceiling to install a climbing rig. I'll be helping with that too, but this will keep too many cooks from happening.


This weekend we drove to the desert for some crack climbing. Between my total lack of energy and MFH's messed up ankle, we haven't touched this stuff in 2 months. Hiking into the crag (1000 ft elevation gain Sunday) felt steady but tiring in a weird way. I wasn't terribly slow, but I felt drained at the top. My climbing strength wasn't any worse, but I got tired more easily. We only climbed three routes Saturday and two really hard ones Sunday before getting on the road. I definitely had tears of frustration on a route Sunday - I was stuck on 6 ft of overhanging fist crack that I should have been able to do. But in trying to move my feet, the knot in my rope kept hitting me in teh chest and HURT. So the pain+frustration brought on some tears. I finished the climb after a hop from my belayer (a very good friend. He hopped airborne and MHF grabbed his harness so they got to swing in the silliest way) to get me past that bit. THe other climb totally shut me down, but it turned out to be 5.11c/d, which I couldn't climb pre-preg ANYWAY.


YEsterday I got out of work early to run errands and got flattened by a headache, which made me snapish for a couple hours. I then coached MFH through making chili. My head hurt so bad my knees weren't working. Today I rode my bike in.


So week 3 summary:

Goal 1: Still having a hard time in the evenings. C

Goal 2: I've been failing at pull-ups, but good about riding and climbing. A

Goal 3: Lol. Still sick at the end of the workday, so maybe it's just me. D

Goal 4: MFH has done much better that I have at scoping routes for JTree next week, but going to the desert was a great check-in on how things are going. B

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Ok. Crusing through week4 and: I had my week 14 doctor's appointment yesterday. I'm not anemic! I' kinda shocked honestly given how tired I've been. And I gained 6 lbs in the last month! Also sorta shocking. I mean I definitely look a lot more cylindrical that I was a month ago. After no weight gain at all int he first 10 weeks, MFH pointed out I look a lot less undead now. So that's a thing.


I did no exercise yeserday, slept super funny and woke up barely able to move. My ride in this morning really helped with that. But between needing to get in early yesterday (and driving) and packing for our upcoming trip tonight, there has been on climbing since Sunday. And I'm really not great at getting my pull-ups done in the basement.

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