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a simple challenge, Leimanu


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Hi :) Doing a super-simple Challenge after a long time away.


1. Workout 3x/wk

- 2x during work week, 1x on weekend.

- plan out work week to for a morning workout before work 2x/wk

- No time goal, just workouty-stuff


2. Food prep on weekend for 2 breakfast and snacks.

- so bored with apple and nuts for snacks.  Find some FUN ones!

- grab and go breakfast for the 2 workout mornings


3. Track meals 4d/wk


4. 60s journal in am and pm, 4d/wk


Award for making it it to the end of challenge: buy an old school Star Wars or NASA t-shirt

(requirements: still posting by end of week 4, at least one of each goal a week)


Projects for challenge: 

  • Find my Fitness "Why"...rewrite my story
  • Write four blog posts 
  • Find and watch Star Wars


I haven't felt strong enough to fight the dark side for a long time....


Image result for star wars power of the dark side gifs


...but the past doesn't determine the future....


Image result for star wars future gifs


...and the fact that I've conquered a lot means I can conquer this...


Image result for star wars dark side gifs


...I have wells of strength that I don't even know about....




...I choose my destiny.


Related image



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On 10/18/2018 at 9:37 PM, Sloth the Enduring said:

It’s nice to see you back. What are you doing for workouts these days?

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 Well hey, Sloth, thanks for remembering me.


My go-to workout is still FitnessBlender.  Now that's it's (slightly) cooler in FL, I want to get more walks in :)

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Almost-First day of challenge!


For prep, I wanted a tracking system that I always have with me.  I'm still analog, so I picked my planner, made a separate section, and listed enough tick boxes for the weekly goals.


I also just watched this video for meal prep which is perfect for my challenge as it's meal prep for 4 days, has very little cooking, and is grab-n-go.  New snacks will be boiled eggs and trail mix with popcorn.  Then I'll write it up all pretty to put on the fridge.





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Week 1 wrap-up   Yo, still here after one week.


I acted like a Jedi, but missed pretty bad on a few things




1. Workout 3x/wk ACHIEVED 

- 2x during work week, 1x on weekend.


2. Food prep on weekend for 2 breakfast and snacks. ACHIEVED

- loved the popcorn trail mix

- absolutely no interest in the premade meals.  Absolutely none.  What a waste of $ and food.


3. Track meals 4d/wk ; only on day this week.


4. 60s journal in am and pm, 4d/wk ; at least 3x in morning, 1x at night.


Find my Fitness "Why"...rewrite my story 

"I want to be a healthy, confident person."  A few times this week, I asked myself, "What would a healthy, confident person do?" It led me to waking up on time to workout before work, choosing a healthy dinner, and doing a full Bikram class one evening.



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Not doing hot this week.  I didn't meal prep, not even making the trail mix snack bags, so there's no food plan everyday.  There's no meal journaling because I don't want to remember these bad choices.  I haven't done any workouts.  Yesterday morning, as I tried to get out of bed, I thought to myself, "What would a healthy, confident person do?" and fell back to sleep before the answer.


It's getting dire, though.  I feel so rolly-polly.  The word "heft" comes to mind a few times a day.  My knee hurts.  I woke up one day and my knee hurts.  



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