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Protein shake recipes please!

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So I've always been a whole-foods kinda of person. Smoothies as liquid calories make me feel sloshy. BUT I'm pregnant, entering the second trimester, with not much of an appetite and kinda freaked out that this little monster is going to eat every nutrient in my body and all my hard-earned muscle mass for rock climbing. I have been turned off by chicken, but I do eat meat at dinner. Before I was a climber I raced road bikes and did a stint power lifting (which is how I found you guys!). So I'm built a lot more like a lifter/crossfit human than a sport climber. In the 2.5 years I've been climbing I've put on 8lbs of lean upper body mass, and I've love to keep it.


So: hit me with your protein shake recipes! Bonus points if they contain yogurt. Extra bonus if you have an easy-to-find protein powder you like.


For reference I'm 5'7" and a lean 138 lbs.

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I go on a liquid diet periodically, anytime my digestive system issues decide to flare up - I asked for new recipes here, that you may like.


But I'm pretty boring - I usually just go for unflavoured/unsweetened whey (easier to avoid the crap that some protein powders have in them) plus some frozen blueberries (I prefer raspberries, but my system can't handle the seeds when I'm feeling off). Occasionally I'll use frozen green peas, steamed carrots, apple & cinnamon, or pumpkin & spices instead - depends on my mood. Or instant espresso powder if I want the caffeine. That's it, I find I don't require any additional sweetener or anything, though I will sometime chuck some greens powder in if I'm going more than a couple days without solids.


RE: Whey, you're in the US, right? These are a few sites I've found with reasonably priced powder:





People sometimes like to add in oats for texture & kcal, and I'll sometimes use peanut butter in the evenings (cashew is infinitely tastier, but I like the cheap/protein factor of peanuts) if I want some fat to sleep on. ;) 

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