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Brovatar Korra

Brovatar Korra Competes Again

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I was going to title this thread "Brovatar Korra Narfles the Garthok" but when I googled for spelling purposes it took me to urban dictionary... that phrase has additional meanings I was not aware of!


I am super excited to compete at the UPA Power Weekend on November 18th. This will be my third official PL meet (I have also done several other strength comps over the last few years). I have always previously competed in the super heavyweight or open heavyweight divisions. I made it my mission 16 weeks ago to lose 20# and compete in the 198# weight class. This morning I weighed in at 200.6#. IT. IS. HAPPENING YOU GUYS.


Goals are still the same as the last few challenges, this is the culmination of 4+ months of hard work. 







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Yesterday was last heavy squat session, I worked up to 295x1, which is a new PR for 2018, and a personal best at this bodyweight. I was excited and surprised, because just a few weeks ago I was grinding in the 240s-260s. Hey, I guess there is something to this whole peaking thing. I think the hardest thing between now and the meet will be the mental game of sticking to the nutrition plan and making sure I come in at weight (198#). Weight increased slightly over the weekend and I was 202.4 this morning. I've noticed now that it is getting cold I'm not drinking as much water naturally and have to make more of an effort. I just want to drink earl grey all day long!





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How is it already the end of November?!?


My competition went great! I made weight (88.8 kg) and went 9/9. I am really happy with all my lifts, funny enough I had the exact same total as last year, 821#. But since I dropped a weight class my Wilks went from 314 to 323! Best lifts were SQ 303, BP 193, DL 325. I had a great time and plan to return for another UPA meet in May. So the new goal will be maintaining this body weight and getting strong AF and setting some new lifetime PRs.  A more short-term goal will be to come out of the holiday season in better shape than when I went into it. It is a very tough time of year to stick to nutrition and training goals, but I am more confident about navigating through this year than ever before. I hope that every subsequent year will feel that way too.




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