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Finally giving this a go

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Hi there, I'm Marz. :)


I signed up a long time ago but never really got started, so now I'm going to finally give these forums a try. 


I'm a 24 year-old former athlete hoping to get back into shape and improve my overall health. I've also been a vegetarian for about 10 years now, but desperately need to improve my diet.


A gym membership seems to be out of the cards for me at the moment, so I am aiming to get started doing more bodyweight/outdoors activities (and supplementing that with the few weights I have in the house). I'm really a complete newb when it comes to handling fitness and nutrition on my own because growing up I always just relied on sports to keep me healthy.


Currently I have been suffering from constant fatigue, back pain, and gastrointestinal issues, so if any of those things are alleviated in any way I will consider it a success. I am also coming out of a particularly low period of mental health so improvements in that area ideal as well.


Some general starting goals:

  • exercise at least a few times a week
  • work on flexibility (I at least want to touch my toes)
  • learn more about nutrition and cook (healthier) meals more often
  • gain muscle and strength 
  • work on better mental health coping skills
  • get outdoors more
  • take steps towards organizing my home space


Bonus random goal:

  • if any diet/fitness changes end up reducing my bust size I will cry tears of happiness



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Hello! I am Josie, 26.

I would also love to go down a cup size or two! My back kills me.

I am really identifying with your gi issues. I have been trying elimination diets and learning about what my body hates. My seasonal depression is also rearing it's ugly head. I also try to be vegetarian. (One box of oreo's isn't a healthy dinner?!) If you would like to chat about any of these things, I would love to be the girl you talk to (complain about them to)

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Welcome. Love your goal of being outside more. Have you tried pinpointing what is causingthe GI issues?  A lot of people with GI issues have lactose intolerance, so eliminating dairy for a month is a good start . You could also do something like a Paleo diet, which eliminates a bunch of things that might be causing symptoms. 

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