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Return of the Jedi Mind

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Well I'm at the respawn point b/c its been a while, again. I've been a member of these forums for years but my days of posting here consistently are from Obama's 1st term, so I'd like to reintroduce myself (for the 3rd time? 4th?) to you all.


I'm a 33 y/o father of a 1 year old boy, and I am an EMT working on a Critical Care unit while going to community college. I've come up with a tentative plan for the next three challenges, starting off small and growing in difficulty. I made my sub goals reflect a sort of "mind, body, spirit" balance to ensure that I'm taking care of myself in a balanced way.


Mind: I plan on transferring to UC Davis and get a degree in Neuro, Physiological and Behavioral Sciences. After that I hope to go to med school, and ultimately want a career as an emergency physician.


Body: I want to be able to pass US Navy fitness standards for my age group. I've written why on nerdfitness before, but the short version is a Navy commission may be able to pay for my medical school. Either way it's probably a good benchmark for fitness goals.


Spirit: I used to attend a Buddhist temple regularly and wish to return, attend regularly, pass the classes, take the Three Refuges and Five Precepts. All that taes a little while. Classes start in January, so until then I'll work on building a daily habit.


1st Challenge:

C25K: I've put this goal on the docket and dropped it many a time. I've never been able to run a 5k before so this is a long time goal.


Meditate E'ry Morning: I want to sit for 5 minutes every morning before I do very much with my day and feel cluttered or too busy.


Finish Strong in Calc: I'm in the midst of a semester in Calc2 at my community college and I need to finish up strong. I have scheduled in the study time, and I need to be stick to my plan.


2nd Challenge:

Rock Climbing Gym: In January gyms are empty and at their most enjoyable right? Great I'll join the rock climbing gym and it'll be awesome.


Meditation Classes (beginning Jan 17th): I've taken these before and they're awesome, I'll be going back and I want to make all the classes.


MCAT Prep: Find resources and begin studying full time for the MCAT.


3rd Challenge:

Hiking, Once a Week: Go hiking once a week in addition to keeping up w/ my previous habbits


Meditation Classes (ends March 28th): Keep attending as I have been.


Korean Lessons: My inlaws are from Korea, my wife speaks it and my kid is growing up bilingual, so I want in on the fun. I've got an app on my tablet I like a lot I just need the discipline to stick with it.

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