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DJTrippyT: 100 Days and counting


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okay, last workout log and wrap-up, then I have to pack and head to my mom's for christmas break. 


thursday is already logged above


Friday was my rest day, so I kind of putzed around the house, and then went to the Korean Spa on the north side of town and hit the saunas/hot tubs for some recovery lounging. I was there for about three hours. The best part is that in the wet room they have a hot tub that is 104 degrees (farenheit) and a cold plunge that's 45 degrees, and you can soak in the hot tub and then jump right in the cold, which is so painful that it must surely be intensely therapeutic.


Saturday: last gym workout before the holidays.


Deadlift: 4 sets of 10 at 155

OH press 3 sets of 4 at 95

Tire flip: 46 times


then I ran a mile on the treadmill. I actually ran most of it, too, which is unusual. I think it was because I ate lunch right before I went to the gym - I usually make sure I eat at least an hour before I work out so I don't get, er, tummy issues, but my schedule got flaky and I was finishing lunch in the car as I pulled up to the gym. I actually felt much better during my workout than usual, which might be because I had that blood sugar at the ready. On the treadmill especially I felt like I could just keep going. I'll have to repeat that accidental experiment and see if I get the same result.


So for the challenge wrap-up:


- I hit my goal of getting to competition weight on all my lifts. This was my main priority for this stage.

- I actually stayed with my program, and didn't decide halfway through to change everything up, which is a minor miracle.

- I discovered that I work out better if I eat directly before (by accident)

- I stuck with my workout/rest day pattern (3/1) and felt like I recovered sufficiently and didn't acquire any new, exotic injuries.
- Oh, and I can finally do burpees correctly.


So, for the first part of a three part challenge, I feel... actually pretty good about it! Breaking it down into stages was a net positive; instead of wrecking myself mentally about "oh god I'm so slow, I'm so fat, I can't do 65 pound thrusters, shitshitshit" I just had to focus on raising my lifts. It's like learning a dance number: next month I can focus on speed and smoothness thru the moves, because the choreography will already be in place. 


Tragically, this means you will have put up with another countdown challenge. I should make the theme the Count from Sesame street. 



It's actually 60 days, but I knew that would make @Rurik Harrgath and @Mr_Willes laugh


60 days, sweet cracker pancakes... noooooooooooo






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I just saw your "46 tire flips" and died even thinking about that right now.    


Also this : I actually stayed with my program, and didn't decide halfway through to change everything up, which is a minor miracle.   Is something I really need to pull off next year, so go you, I know just how difficult it can be.  It's like new workouts/training programs are shiny things that I must collect, lol.


Hope you had/have an awesome holiday and new year!!

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