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TimovieMan on the Road to AwesomeDad™ - Pt. III

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On 12/24/2018 at 8:15 AM, elizevdmerwe said:

Wow, that dragon from the ice palace is impressive! Sounds like all-in-all you had a good time out with the family.

Good going on all the exercises you still managed to do.

Oh yeah, definitely a good time with the family, even if the missus and me weren't as impressed with the ice sculptures as in previous years (this was the fourth time we went in a decade or so). B)


10 hours ago, Salinger said:

Amazing! Merry Christmas :D 

Merry Christmas to you too! :) 

How'd it go at your parents'?


7 hours ago, Arkania said:

If I had a Christmas tree, I would post a photo too! :D

Merry Christmas :love_heart:


Merry Christmas!

Lacking a tree, an ugly sweater and a Christmas hat will do. ;) :D


4 hours ago, Tobbe said:

Merry Christmas dude! Love the sweater!

It was fun on Christmas Eve with most of the guests wearing a Christmas sweater.

Going to the cinema on Christmas itself while still wearing that sweater did make me feel a little ridiculous, though. :P


4 hours ago, Tobbe said:

And don't forget to dodge that snowball I threw at you! ;)  


Doing burpees on the half-court basketball court we have at work was a bad idea, though. The flooring is some sort of metal grating. I had to stop at 6 burpees because my hands were hurting. It took over half an hour for the grating's impressions on my palms to go away.

Lessons to take out of this: leave the burpees for at home. :)

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Christmas Eve
We're going to pimp the kids' rooms soon, so I went to get 2 room dividers like this:



That meant I had 2 unwieldly long 15 kg boxes, 22 kg boxes and 24 kg boxes to haul onto a trolley, in the trunk of my car, out again into our hallway and then up a flight of stairs. :P
Unfortunately that's about all the exercise I got in.
After giving the kids a bath and getting them ready, and then shaving and showering myself and helping prepare the dinner table, I found myself with too little time to start a quick workout before our guests would arrive. Well, at least I got to haul a bunch of boxes around. :D


I started the evening by overeating on the appetisers. It's not that I went gung-ho on them (I actually ate far less than I would have a few months ago), but I'm still coming to grips with no longer being able to eat as much as I used to.
I didn't think it was that bad until the soup came around. After a bowl of tomato soup (with Boursin cheese), I suddenly felt like I had eaten a pile of bricks.
It made me eat very little from the main course, and I skipped dessert altogether. I spent a good two hours hunched over and uncomfortable. :P 


After sleeping in, we went to my parents' house for (late) lunch. At least I was glad they didn't go overboard with the appetisers and food, because after overeating the night before, I wasn't exactly ready for another massive meal.
I wound up eating like a normal person, so yay!
A normal person on Christmas, though, so still more food than average. :D


In the evening I went to the cinema with my brother-in-law. We'd planned on seeing Aquaman together and since he works nights while I work office hours, Christmas was the only day we could manage this week.
Aquaman is good, btw, if a little predictable. It compares with Wonder Woman, imo, which is a significant step up from the regular DC fare, but still a few steps under the Nolan Batman trilogy.





Back to work today. The missus has the week off, but I don't.

Biked to work, went for a run-walk interval during my lunch break, and I skipped breakfast and lunch (and am not feeling hungry yet).

Dinner is probably going to be leftovers from Christmas Eve.



Tomorrow and the day after are going to be "bike to work, run during lunch break" days as well. Even more so now that I've joined the Santa Sleigh 5K Challenge.

I'll try to get an actual one-piece 5K in as well (instead of breaking it up in smaller parts), but that'll involve a lot of walking, I reckon. :P



Also, I found this on YouTube and thought of @Tobbe:

(with the snowball fight, you just panicked when you saw you got a mention, right? :P)



Bluegrass AC/DC!!! :o :DB)

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If it weren't for the number plates on the car and tractor I would have guessed they were Swedish... My second guess was that they're Finnish, and that was correct :D 


And yes, I did think it was something about the snowball fight ;) 

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1 hour ago, Arkania said:


And if not: It's Jason Momoa. That's enough :D

Momoa looks like he had a lot of fun on the set, which always works in favour of the film. :)

1 hour ago, Arkania said:


I don't own any of this :D

Tsk tsk tsk, where's your Christmas spirit?



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Weird week at work.
Because of the holidays, only a third of the colleagues are here, and nobody seems to be in a working mood, so productivity isn't exactly stellar.
I'm noticing that I'm in a holiday mood as well.
On Wednesday morning, I overslept. Instead of getting to work sooner than usual (because I didn't have to get the kids to school), I got to work half an hour later than usual.
I was really tired on Wednesday - possibly the recoil of Christmas Eve and Christmas - so I got to bed early that night...
And on Thursday morning I overslept even worse than on Wednesday!!!
The good news is that I got 8 hours 40 minutes of actual sleep in. The bad news is that I had to hurry to get to work on time.
I have flexible hours, meaning I can start whenever I want, but I have to be present by 9.30 am at the latest.
I clocked in at 9.27 am. :D
At least today I got to work on my usual hour. Again not sooner, but meh, sleep is important too.
And that's three consecutive days of biking to work and walking/running during my lunch break as well.
The run/walk intervals I've been doing over my lunch break the previous two days (and last week as well) have reminded me just exactly how much I loathe running, so I'm scrapping that idea...
Since I haven't posted a song from my top 300 in a while, here's #234:
It's Dutch rockers Golden Earring with "Radar Love", their only entry (although "When the Lady Smiles" was shortlisted as well).


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1 hour ago, TimovieMan said:

but meh, sleep is important too.


That's what I'm telling myself too! Went to bed at like 22:15 yesterday. My wife woke me up at around 10 this morning... Sure, I was reading an hour or so before falling asleep yesterday, but still, that's a lot off sleep!  :sleeping:

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I haven't been updating much this past week, but it's with a purpose. "Time management" - which translates into "taking back my evenings".


Hence the new challenge:


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10 hours ago, TimovieMan said:

which translates into "taking back my evenings".


I hear you! Writing all your own updates, and staying on top of what everyone else is writing really does take a lot of time!

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