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Harriet's Emergency Stopgap


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16 hours ago, Harriet said:

now I feel a bit frustrated at having lost so much time from my goals.

From what you've described, you haven't really lost that much time. The holidays with family visits are not a time to attempt too much strictness; I would argue that inflexible expectations indicate lack of balance rather than virtue :) (Not meaning to be offensive here, but family members with inflexible dietary restrictions--barring medical necessity--are a case in point. Their strict adherence during the holidays just creates stress for everyone else.) Drink the wine, eat the pie, blow off self-imposed requirements, and give yourself permission to "life out" a bit, whatever that looks like. Kudos for not freaking out :) 


I offer this to celebrate the necessity of not going all ascetic: 



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No offence taken :) There's a reason my mini Christmas challenge was "not freaking out" rather than achieving anything specific... at the start of this challenge I was freaking out about travelling and being taken out of my box, and I think the harm from freaking out was greater than the harm from taking time away from my routine and habits.

I don't blame my dietary restricted people, though. One will get sick if they eat dairy, and I understand that vegetarians can't easily start eating meat, whether the restriction is aesthetic or moral. They were pretty grateful and uncomplaining about everything that was cooked.


I suppose I haven't lost that much time. There's still another week where we'll probably eat a lot at restaurants, though I'm going to cook as much as I can. And I guess the meditation and journalling are pretty small stuff that don't matter terribly in the short term. But the writing is a totally new habit that feels a bit precarious. I am already feeling anxious about getting back into it (the longer I leave things, the more avoidant I get). Still, I'm going to start today.


And I just want to say, that song works equally well if you swap "pie" for "fie" and imagine the song is about dietary adherence rather than moral virtue. PIE on Goodness, PIE!

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Let cheese and oxen and mead crowd out our secret desires for power and domination - Harriet the Viking

Just be bold, fluid and unapologetic, not small, hairy and indecisive - Harriet the Artist

You can absorb me! - Harriet the Contextless Guru

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