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Mahalak, if at first you don't succeed...

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No, it's not Groundhog Day.

But I hardly test-drived my last challenge, until the past week. Since then I've been doing pretty well. So I thought I'd at least scuff the challenge this time!

One huge addition: I asked a nutritionist I'd worked with if I could check in with her on My Fitness Pal every few weeks/month, for accountability. That perhaps I wouldn't eat like crap if I thought someone would notice. So I have until the challenge to do my part with T-Day leftovers and then off we go!


Cardio: 50K steps/180 minutes per week
Centering Prayer: 10 minutes daily
My Fitness Pal

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Oh man, I'm staggering...I can now say that closing a church is much harder than keeping one open. Forgive me if I've said that before. It's my mantra these days.

So I'm getting up too early, staying up too late, and stress-eating like you wouldn't believe.

  1. Praying has been a little more hit than miss, but not much more.
  2. Exercise has been working out at 3x a week, and I was encouraged by a 57YOs advice to think about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.
  3. My FItness Pal...ain't been no friend of mine. I've been eating out A LOT, only occasionally making a good choice, sometimes keeping portion sizes reasonable, and only succumbing to %$%^$%#$#$#$!!! holiday treats every once in a while. And no, I ain't been tracking squat. I haven't been on the computer for fun apart from Words with Friends with my son.
  4. My e-diet, however, has been going swimmingly! For the win! Read a great article, changed some settings, and feel the difference.

I keep hoping things will slow down, and occasionally delude myself into thinking they are, until the rude awakening of walking face first into a wall happens. Daily. Sometimes hourly.

But in just a few weeks...well, let's get there before I let my imagination walk away with me.




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