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Resistance Band Routines? 5x5? Good Ones?

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Hi guys!  After a long-term injury and some bad luck medically, i'm finally in good enough shape to start doing excersize again beyond suffering up the steps to my apartment!  Unfortunately, i'm limited to resistance bands for now (We want to be sure i'm not injuring myself with these before we throw open the gates to free weights again - conveniently in six weeks after hte next 6-Week-Challenge wraps up!) so i'm looking to find out what to do with resistance bands.

Does anyone have some good resources, or should I make a thread over in a different forum? (Move me if you need to, mods!) 

Just some other various basic info that may be relevant : Male, 31, 5'11" 205lbs (93ish KG),  I am coming off of the couch after 18 months. I've lifted before using 5x5 but its been a while.


Thanks guys!

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