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Lauragee Sidles in Sheepishly

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I've been rangering for the last few challenges I did, but I'm coming in here this time because I have a hard time sticking to any of the categories. Like, I love yoga and meditation...but sometimes I also do strength training, and outdoor adventuring. I cook a lot of vegan food, but I'm probably closer to paleo overall, etc. Also, the last challenge I started was a few months ago, and I also joined a PVP and then just totally got overwhelmed and disappeared. So, apologies to anyone who may have been impacted by that...I think I've learned that PVP is not going to work for me.


Here's what's going on this month:


1. Eating: My partner was recently diagnosed with MS and I have some mystery health problems myself, so we've been trying a very strict anti-inflammatory diet (9 cups of fruit and vegetables a day, no cow dairy, gluten or refined grains, very low sugar). My goals are to stick to the diet, try to figure out whether the small amount of goat cheese and yogurt we've been allowing is a good idea, and pay attention to the exact amount of sugar. Specifically, I'll allow a little honey in my coffee and in meal recipes, but I'll only have desserts (healthier versions, sweetened with honey) on weekends and maybe social occasions. Fruit is ok whenever, though.


2. Yoga: I have a lot of yoga experience, but I'm out of the habit and have a persistent knee injury that I would really like to get better eventually. I recently discovered and joined an online Iyengar yoga site, which (Iyengar) is really great for precision and therapeutic adaptability. So, I've restarted the beginner course to learn proper technique from the ground up. My goal for the month is to do yoga at least five days a week, completing the beginner series of videos and figuring out how to move on with the intermediate material. If I get in a sixth day per week I can do Siva Nata, which is really different and fun. 


3. Planning: Make a weekly schedule and stick to it. I'm pretty sure this is the best way for me to get in a balance of housework, social time, rest, time for personal projects, etc. Of course, the schedule can be modified if something unexpected comes up, but nine times out of ten sticking to the schedule leads to more productivity and overall well-being, not to mention making it possible to live harmoniously with other humans.


4. Write at least 1,000 words for my book each week. 

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Welcome to the rebels.

It sounds like you have a lot going on, and never feel bad about sticking to categories around here. You will find the rebels are a mash up of whatever we feel we need to do.


I think your goals sound really good. I hope the diet helps you and your partner both with the health problems.


I also try to make a plan. I might make a weekly plan on Sunday, but I also try to plan nightly so I can make sure I know what needs done the next day. This gives a bit of flexibility for the "and this came out of nowhere" that life throws at us.


Good luck on the challenge. I will pop in when I can to cheer you on.

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Hi Everybody...so week one was incredibly busy. My partner and I run a business, and December is one of two majorly complicated periods with very little down time. We do tend to end up with a little more extra money than usual, too, so all in all it's a bad time for good habits. 


I ate on-plan for most of the week (and I did start taking my supplements, which I meant to put in my original goals), but then last night we went out for crazy week/celebration dinner and ate all the things we weren't supposed to. The way this works is that any "cheating" can really be a setback, so I think overall good habits are being established, but I'm really hoping to stick to a strict policy until at least actual Christmas.


Also, in worse news, I think I didn't do any yoga...maybe one or two sessions near the beginning of the week, I don't even remember. I really don't want to lose the progress I've made, but besides being busy I've also been really cold, and pretty much nothing makes me want to work out less than being cold. I'm recommitting to trying this week, though...so I'm going to jump back in to the series of videos I was working on and hope that that goes ok. I'm also going to try to totally crank the heat about an hour before I want to start and see if that helps



On 12/1/2018 at 8:01 PM, wondering_piper said:

What is your book about?


It's about witchcraft, kind of an intuitive approach, and I'm also doing the illustrations. I'm really excited about this project, but guess what? I also didn't work on it at all this week! Oops.


Besides not meeting my major objectives, planning went ok. At least I pretty much knew what to expect from this week, and then it happened. The thing is, it's entirely possible for this to go on or get worse throughout December, which would completely derail a lot of my goals...and I'm determined for that not to happen, which is part of why I'm back at NF this month. It's the beginning of a new week! I'm about to try again!


Oh, and I did do some food prep, which is good news. I invented a delicious soup with a high kale content, and I have a pre-made dinner in the fridge because Monday is my busiest day. I've always considered baking optional and when it comes down to it I'm often more lazy than I am hungry, but I'm considering making it obligatory. When splurges like last night happen, I always wonder if they could have been avoided by, for example, me making a few cookies whether I felt like it or not. So, maybe next weekend? I should try to pick out a recipe. 


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Is there a way you can set yourself an alarm or something to remind you to do the Yoga? I have done that before when I had a goal I kept forgetting about that really needed to be done about a certain time every day.  Or even just an alarm about 2 hours before bed that says something like "Have you done your goals today?" I know that has worked for people in the past as well.

Another thing I have done is put sticky notes places. like one that said "Floss" on the bathroom mirror or "Make the bed" by the bedroom door when I was working on that one. That way I see it as I am in those places to do it.


Hopefully today is a bit less busy for you.

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