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$2 & The Seven Levels of the Candy Cane Forest

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"I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel." -Buddy Elf



Looking at the dates on this challenge I noticed this will lead right up until the time Elf will be a regular thing on TV. With that, we have a challenge dedicated to Buddy. That's about as far as i go with the theme thing as I'm trying to cram this in before I go to bed.


I feel like I have been living off the elves four main food groups of candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. It's not a thanksgiving hangover, just been bogged down all fall. as I put in the usual 64 oz water, I noticed i can't remember the last time i just drank water. It's all come in the form of coffee every day. I know getting back to tracking my food will only help me being mindful of what I'm taking in.


I'm still on a huge slump of not weight training since brain surgery over a year ago. Intend to pick up the NF Academy workouts. I have only averaged 4909 steps a day the last 28 days. Pretty pathetic. Being intentional about taking a walk should raise that significantly so 25% increase should be obtainable.


I have soooo many projects going both at home and work, I'm scattered. I have tried Bullet Journaling several times but drop it after a few days. I currently use google calendar, a work calendar, a paper planner, sticky notes, Google Keep for ToDo, Habitica for ToDo, and iPhone reminders. I need to reel this in a bit and figure something out. I figure finishing the Bullet Journal Method book before the ned of the year I will give it one more shot to start next year off. The meditation piece I was doing great at in September and October, but that fell off again. 



64 oz of water per day (28 Pts)

Track Food (28 pts)



Move -+25%  avg steps this 28 days= 6136 Avg. (1pt per +1%= 25 pts possible)

Move Things- 12 days of strength training (2pts each= 24 pts possible)


Level Up Life

Read 10 Pages per day from The Bullet Journal Method (1 pts per= 28 pts possible)

Meditate (1 pts per= 28 pts possible)


Extra Credit

1/2 point per day check in here


145-161 = A (LOOT=TBD )

129-144 = B (LOOT=TBD )

113-128 = C  (LOOT =TBD )

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Following. I am curious of what you think of the bullet journal book. I was using one too, but it got a bit cumbersome and required me to do the math, which was annoying when I have a few goals in mind.

Good luck. I know you can do this

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Started off great Monday! Then Monday night happened.


Didn't feel all that hot Monday night and went to bed early. Woke up about 2pm feeling like my whole head was swollen. Had a 7am meeting at work, after that was done about 9 I went home. Went to the Dr. to find I had Influenza A and was ordered home and rest for the rest of the week. On top of that, a separate issue that was leading to the headache was a tooth thing...that I really can't get taken care of until after this week because I'm contagious. 


So anyway, this isn't my cop-out post. Just a delay and restructure of my challenge next week. NOt like I don't have the time to plan it :) 




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10 hours ago, fleaball said:

Oof. Sending chicken soup vibes!

Thanks. I have been bored out of my mind. I feel like I can be at work, but I'm reminded as soon as I'm up and moving around that I'm not 100%. 

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