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Tobbe catches up and pleases his wife


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@Mad Hatter suggested I made a challenge *not* related to food and/or fitness. That I tried to find something else to be the main focus. At first I was like "whoa, I have no idea what that would be!". But as the last challenge started to come to a close and I realized I had fallen way behind on updating my challenge thread I figured I'd make a challenge to catch up with all the little TODOs and loose threads I have everywhere.


I'll leave this post here as a placeholder. I will add more details when I can (yay, one more item on my TODO list :P)


Tobbe catches up



Tobbe pleases his wife


  • Check Hang the painting on the wall
    • Check Measure
    • Check Find a suitable nail/screw and put it in place
    • Check Hang the painting
  • n2GokI9.png Complete my 1st Advent gift for her
    • n2GokI9.png Put up a hook/screw/nail
    • n2GokI9.png Electricity
    • n2GokI9.png Assemble star
    • n2GokI9.png Hang the star
    • n2GokI9.png Hook it all up
  • n2GokI9.png Wrap gift for 2nd Advent
  • n2GokI9.png Wrap gift for 3rd Advent
  • Check Wrap gift for 4th Advent
  • Cover up the holes in the insulation in our house extension
  • Mount last top window ledge
    • Check Mark where to cut for it
    • Check Cut a hole for the metal ledge
    • Trim the metal to fit
    • Mount the metal
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Added a list of all the YouTube videos I had saved as open tabs in my browser for "watching later". Problem was I never watched them, since I kept finding new videos that sounded exciting to watch instead... 


So now I have a list here, and I will not keep adding new video tabs in my browser during this challenge. If I find new videos I want to watch, I'll add them to my list here instead knowing it will be more and more difficult to successfully complete this challenge the more videos I add.


Warning: I have not yet watched any of those videos, so they might suck. They might make you angry. They might make you hate me. Please be careful before clicking any of those youtube links!

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Just finished watching this video




Always get super inspired to make my own of *everything*. But then I very rarely actually get to it :( 


I did just recently eat the last of my homemade sauerkraut and I still have some home made kimchi in the fridge. I've never tried to make Kvass, but I do have some beets laying around, so that might be my next experiment. Looked easy enough :)


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Watched two more videos today





I like that she gives a more balanced view. Being open with how different people, in different situations, need to eat in different ways/eat different foods. And also addresses some questions that I feel some proponents of different ways of eating/different ideas around health/eating/wellness ignores.


The videos build on each other, so you need to watch the top one first, and then the second one

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Better late than never - following!


At least I'll be able to read this thread hungry. :D



Great concept for a challenge!

My therapist gave me a similar one a few months ago. I had to list a few tasks that needed doing around the house that weren't all that urgent and I kept postponing.

Next time I went to see the therapist, I'd done the entire list. Not because it would make the missus happy (which should have been the intention), but because I didn't want to show up for therapy with unfinished tasks on the list.


Never underestimate the power of accountability! :P 

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Wow, add me to the list of people who are intrigued by this format! I may have to steal it as well...what a great idea! Following along :) 

Mom. Teacher. Language Enthusiast. Wood Elf :)

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