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Tobbe catches up and pleases his wife

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During my third challenge, "Challenge 3 - Tobbe eats like a..." I finished a lot of NF quests that I never actually marked as completed. So I'll do that now!


This is a copy/paste from that thread



  • Mindset: Stop Slouching Wall Challenge - 25 XP (15/14)
    • I've completed the number of times I wanted to do this, but not the number of days. I decided that as long as I do it enough number of times I'll consider the week a success, but that I will continue with the actual challenge until I've got the number of days in a row completed too.
  • Mindset: Keep a Sleep Journal - 25 XP
    • Done
  • Fitness: Keep a Training Log - 60 XP
    • Actually did create a spreadsheet for my log today. I'll post it up later, if I can format it good enough to fit in a forum post.
  • Bonus quest: Fitness: Jump Rope #1 - 25 XP
    • I have tried completing this quest, but have not succeeded yet. But it's just a bonus quest, so I'll move it to next (this) week and continue trying/practicing.




  • Mindset: Stop Slouching Wall Challenge - 25 XP (7/7)
    • Once in the morning, and once in the evening. All seven days completed!
  • Mindset: Where is My Super Suit? - 40 XP
    • Done! Cleared out my clothes drawers today. A few items to throw away, and a lot to give to those who need it more :) 
  • Complete the NF Beginner BW Workout 3x Per Week – for a month - 150 XP (3/3)
    • Did the third one for the week today, so this quest is finally done!
  • Complete the NF Beginner BW Workout 1x Per Week - 60 XP (1/1)
    • Completed!
  • Bonus quest: Fitness: Jump Rope #1 - 25 XP
    • New personal best today! 34 skips in a row! And it took me just above 30 seconds :) So this quest is completed!




  • Mindset: Hack Your Sleep - 25 XP
    • Started. Average: 7h. Min: 3h. Max: 11h30min
  • Fitness: Keep a Training Log - 60 XP
    • Done! I've already been posting my workouts in my Battle Log
  • Mindset: Smile More - 25 XP (7/7)
    • Laughs and smiles with my coworkers, and with my relatives :) 
  • Mindset: Take Your During Photos and Measurements #1 - 25 XP
    • Completed this one this morning. No - I'm not posting any photos here! :P 




  • Mindset: NaNaNaNaNa BATCAVE! #2 - 25 XP
    • Unsubscribed from even more mailing lists to spend less time reading distracting emails. These are the lists I've removed myself from: Electrolux, Ramit Sethi, Ginos, Jula, Particle, Mammasidan
  • Fitness: Keep a Public Training Log - 60 XP
  • Complete 6 Weeks of Your Workout Plan! - 400 XP
  • Nutrition: Try a Nerd Fitness Recipe #2 - 25 XP



And now that I checked all of those off - TADA!



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4 hours ago, Jett said:

Woo! 14! That's a big number! :P


I've been slacking off on doing the NF quests. Should get back to it! They're fun :)  There are probably a few in there that I could check off already if I just looked for them :) Maybe next challenge!

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Time to wrap this challenge up!


My original goal was to check off a whole bunch of loose ends, to lighten my mental load. Not sure if it has really helped though :( Also didn't finish all the tasks I wanted :( 


This is what I have left


Really, what's still mostly causing me feeling not good about my self are the last things on that list. 

  • Cover up the holes in the insulation in our house extension
  • Mount last top window ledge
    • Trim the metal to fit
    • Mount the metal

I want to complete those things. But apparently not enough to actually get my ass in gear and do it :( Still, not doing those things makes me feel stressed out.



What I've been most happy about, and what's been most fun, is watching the YouTube videos and post short reviews/comments about them :) 

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