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55 minutes ago, TGP said:

I'm surprised that people might have said something rude about it.  (in your last job).  but I guess....


My last job had a big generational gap, and culturally still adhered to a lot of old "ivory tower" kind of ideas about research, science, and intelligence. People in management generally had kids who were grown, or wives who stayed home. They weren't enthusiastic participants in the raising of a tiny human any more, if they ever had been. The culture was bad for job stability, kids aside. And many seemed to view women being women to be a rank inconvenience. Who dared attach such a complicated body to the brain we hired?




I've long work in places that were 10% women or less, but WHO the men are makes all the difference. My current job has a lot more employees in their 30s and 40s, a lot more involved parents too. It's an aerospace company as opposed to a government research lab, so I think people got into it for different reasons. All in all it has been a massively better place to work for a lot of reasons, but my inbox still made a huge impression on me yesterday for all the right reasons.

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Well my challenge is ending a little early. We're on the road to the east coast. Lots of time in the car and lots of not moving. I'm trying not to eat to much so I don't get uncomfortable, and drink water 20 mi out from every stop. I got some push ups in at the hotel and MFH is very in favor of finding minutes to stretch here and there.

All in all I feel better than I did going in. I think it's shifting brain chemistry more than anything else. I'm still getting super tired, but less angry. I don't know if it's acceptance, acclimation, or what. We'll see how things progress. I will keep trying to do hard things even though what that looks like is changing. Lifting has been very empowering and confidence retrieving. I found some stretchy pants I don't hate. So I don't really embrace pregnancy, but I can live with it.

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