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Keeping it Fantastic


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So I did pretty well last time but didn’t check in ever which was pretty dumb.


Anyways here are my goals for this month! 


1. Body weight workout 3x a week


2. Eat home made meals and stay in my calorie goal


3. Bike machine for 40 minutes a day. 


So those are my goals but I also want to check In daily because I’ve been awful about that. 


CW: 227 lbs 

goal for this month: 220

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That's neat, and so are you

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Looks solid! We'd love updates if you want to give them, but if you're out there doing the work without telling us, it still counts. ;) 

Raptron, alot assassin

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Sounds awesome and  well-thought out! 

I try to post and to cheer people on, and sometimes it is easier to cheer on someone else first, maybe it could help with coming on the forum?


All the best!!

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising up every time we fall." Confucius



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How is the challenge going?


Intro Thread    Bodyweight Exercise Library

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