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Broba Fett tracks em down.

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Hi friends old and new, long time no see.


Life has been busy.  In the past year I've:

  • Released a novella.
  • Bought a house.
  • Continued to be a full time dad and husband successfully.
  • Had an eipdural injection on two herniated discs that were causing my left leg to go numb. (Stemming from bad lifting years ago. Foot is still numb but I am mostly functional, if far from my strongman competing self of a few years ago.)
  • Finished my BS in Business Management and walked in the first graduation of my life.
  • Got a new job in a brand new industry and have been working much harder/ 3-4 more hours per day, including 2-3 days per week of working late from home.
  • Started the year at 416lbs, got down to ~375 in the summer, then slacked with the new job and back problems and got back up to 399.


I really need to maintain and finish the year with a net loss of overall lbs.  It'd be a big boost to my mental health, which has honestly been strained over recent months.


So my goals are simple:


  1. Track calories every day.  No goals, no shame if I go over.  Just the act of tracking will keep me from grabbing that 5th caramel pixie. 
  2. Check in with you all every day to tell you all how I tracked and check up with some of you.
  • Bonus goal:  Take advantage of my fancy gym membership to go to one of the included group yoga classes with my wife.  Just one.  I will probably fall in love with it but I have to get there first.


That's it.  The past 6 years have shown me that the small changes are the ones most easily carried forward. Please help hold me accountable. 


Starting weight (10/2012): 500.5lbs

Challenge starting weight: 399lbs

Total overall weight lost: 101.5lbs


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6 hours ago, Salinger said:

Glad you are back with us :) xx


5 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Welcome back!


4 hours ago, Jarric said:

Welcome back man! You have had one hell of a busy year, good on you for keeping going.


Thanks all.  I really needed some nerd companionship. At my old job we had an entire nerd herd and enough downtime to have nerdly discussions daily.


My new job is all old white dudes who work their asses off every day and don't have time to enjoy anything, let alone be nerds.  I'm glad to be back on the forums and get that interaction back.

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4 hours ago, Wolfpool said:

Welcome back my esteemed Orc Erotica novella writing, truck pulling friend! Glad to see you, Broba! Any more novellas in the works?? I hope the numbing gets better!


Also, have you seen THIS???


Image result for deadpool boba fett



Book 2 in the Paladins world is 17k words in but honestly I haven't been able to touch it in a year due to school and the new job. Hopefully that'll change soon.


And YES! I can't wait for The Mandalorian.  I'm a big fan of Favreau and was super bummed to see the Fett movie got cancelled so I'm excited to see what he puts out.

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Fully tracked on Thursday and Friday:


Thursday: 2006 calories.


Friday:... 4984 calories.


Hosted D&D last night and we ordered Giordano's Chicago style pizza. I had 5 slices and 6 beers.  No regrets.


I'm running Tyranny of Dragons for the first time.  Not sure how I feel about it so far.  It seems like it encourages either railroading everyone into fighting an adult dragon or you have to have a full on plan B for the PCs if they say "fuck all that". 


Also my dog ate 7 slices of pizza because we were careless in putting it up.  That's about 5lbs of cheese for Giordano's. We are officially on poop watch.

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On 12/3/2018 at 4:32 AM, jonfirestar said:

That sounds like it wouldn't end well... 

It didn't. He ended up barfing all over my kid's bed.


Saturday: 3261 Cal

Sunday: 3218 cal

Yesterday: 3066 cal


It's very interesting to just track rather than try to hit a goal.  It seems as though my natural "full without stuffed" is between 3000 and 3300 per day.


Thing is, my BMR is supposedly around 3500. So am I eating so much junk/drinking so many beers on the weekend that it is completely negating the fact that I'm under BMR most days?  


Stay tuned to find out I guess.  I'm going to keep this goal-less tracking up for the whole month then see where we are at.  Probably need a dexa scan or something to get a good handle on my actual daily burn.

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2 hours ago, Broba Fett said:


Thing is, my BMR is supposedly around 3500. So am I eating so much junk/drinking so many beers on the weekend that it is completely negating the fact that I'm under BMR most days?  

It's pretty much what I was doing for the entire summer. My BMR was a lot lower but I was training for an ultra marathon so doing all the freaking running. I was able to binge eat myself into manience just from what i was consuming over the weekends

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Life happened.


Sister had an emergency C-section end of last week and baby was immediately taken to a NICU in a different hospital an hour away.


It was sketch for a bit but both have gotten better and mother and baby were reunited but we spent all day Saturday driving up to Rockford and back and forth to McHenry and back.  Food was a mess and I haven't tracked since and I'm up to 404lbs.


Back on track today.  Just want to get through New year's under 400.

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