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Starting at the End w/ Infinity (Dungeon Crawl)

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I am finally heading home from uni tomorrow. The entire campus is empty, and it feels like there are only four people currently in my accommodation. One lives in the flat above me, the other two I can hear walk around the corridors and opening doors. It definitely feels like university is my home now, and I'm going home for a holiday, which is a weird sensation. I like it at uni, and I kinda don't feel like its fully Christmas yet, so I don't have any massive homesickness. But I am excited to be able to cook some more expensive food (I am craving avocado and shrimp tacos for some reason) and see my family.


I also found myself really listless today after completing all my cleaning chores. (The kitchen has been deep cleaned and I have cleaned my room and packed for tomorrow) So I decided to rewrite the story starter and try a slightly different tact. The next part should be coming either tomorrow or the day after. 


I have three job applications to write over the holiday as well - one as a barista, one as an employability points ambassador (its a thing we do at our uni) and the last as a web designer. I'm really going to work for the last one, especially as that is my current job title with the university newspaper (it's quite cool - inquiremedia.co.uk - I did some of the design and I edited the logo in the top left corner) and might be more long term and better paid. I never expected to have such an emphasis on web stuff at uni, but I am really enjoying it!

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