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KnitJoy & a Fresh Start

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Hello all! I was recently reading the book Better than Before and I was struck by the idea in it of a fresh start. According to the book anything can be a fresh start and I figured why not a new month! So for this challenge I have 4 goals.



  • Morning ritual 

For this goal I am going to brush my teeth & wash my face in the morning after my alarm goes off. I am also not going to use my phone, except for Duolingo, before school.


  • Evening ritual 

This is a similar goal, brush my teeth in the evening, layout my clothes for the next workday, and no phone/email after 8:30pm.


  • Stretch shoulders everyday using Focused Flexibility

I bought but basically never used Focused Flexibility, so for this challenge I am going to complete two stretches everyday except Thursday. Posterior shoulder opener and the prone scaption rotation. On Thursday's I have yoga so I don't need to stretch on those days.


  • BuJo everyday

I will look at and use my Bullet Journal everyday. My Bullet Journal is also how I am tracking all of my goals and habits.


Rewards: Each time I do a thing I earn $1 towards a 90 minute massage. Each time I don't do a thing I donate $1 to my fiancee's computer fund.

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On 12/4/2018 at 11:44 PM, wondering_piper said:

Oooooo ... A massage sounds gooood!!! Keep it up!! Woot-woot


Thanks! My fiancee is providing a lot of accountability for me right now. So I’m rocking all of my goals!

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