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Not my first respawn

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Hey guys. I'm on day two and it's going ok so far. Snacked a little too much last night. We're moving and we literally have food we can't keep, so we eat it or throw it away. I convinced her to throw some of it away, but it was a compromise, so I still ate some of it.  


I'm currently 280 lbs and the doctor told me I needed to lose 50 lbs.... when I was 260 lbs. So I'm behind. 


My inital goal is to be under 270 lbs by the end of the year. 


I blogged about the respawn here: http://www.drewallen.me/blogposts/2018/respawn 


Would love any encouragement. 

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Sounds like your in the same boat im in. 


What helps me is thinking just 1 lb at a time.. no need to rush... just 1 lb at a time. Don't go up, and breaking even on the scale is ok sometimes.


Never beat yourself up about missed workouts or bad eating choices... just when it happens know that it did, and don't miss the next workout, and don't mess up the next meal..


it helps a lot. try to make small changes, so they stay permanent, and you won't be miserable.

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