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The REAL Reasons We Lift

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I want to hear stories of how lifting, or just generally getting stronger has helped you out.  Not in any meaningful ways (like managing a disease or competing in a sport), but in little, hidden ways that you never expected to see.

I shall share with you the moment that led me to posting this.

I work at a hotel.  Like many hotels and hospitality focused businesses, the staff facilities are furnished with secondhand items that are serviceable, but no longer appropriate for guest use.  The staff bathroom had a particular toilet paper dispenser that only half worked.  It houses two rolls at a time, butt the little plastic gate thingee that releases the second roll never worked.  This is normally not an issue, as the few housekeepers that have not been working at the hotel since the fall of Rome usually open the spare roll and let it dangle through.

This morning, at 4:36 AM, I needed to go.  I shall spare you the details that led up to this fateful moment (I assure you, it was epic.)  As fate would have it, the spare roll in the Bogroll Box was all that was left.  Gate still jammed shut, and the roll firmly sealed in such a way that even with a pocket knife I could not get at that 100 grit sandpaper they call a crack cleaner.

Being nearly late for my shift because of this struggle for a clean bottom and while still mounted on the porcelain throne, I ripped the fucker clean off the wall.  I snapped the cover off and took that sumbitch wrapper off with authorita.  I then shoved the hollow shell back into the wall like some secondhand hunting trophy and left an anonymous note for maintenance.

So please, share with me the scenarios where an unexpected boost to the strength, dexterity or constitution stat has played to your advantage in an unexpected way.

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4 hours ago, JustCallMeAmber said:

I lift to be this guy:



I'm 99% certain that's an event at the 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic.

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