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Brovatar Korra

Brovatar Korra and the Long Road to UPA Raw Nationals: Part I

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From now until May 2019 my focus will be getting ready for UPA Raw Nationals! Each challenge will be a new installment with main goals being the same each time (1. Follow the training program, 2. Maintain weight class) and a third rotating challenge.


This time, I'm setting a goal of doing something to hopefully improve my own mental health and, eventually, also strengthen my relationship with my husband (which overall is very good). I'm going to make an active effort to not take on excessive emotional labor in some areas, which makes me frustrated and resentful. Specifically, when it comes to my husband's college courses. I have de facto taken on the responsibility of reminding him to register for classes, finding out the tuition bill so we can budget, make sure he is seeing a course advisor and on track to graduate, etc. He complains often about how difficult it is to keep track of everything. But he doesn't work. It is literally his only responsibility. I work full-time, I navigated 8 years of school on my own (often while working part-time), and now I have somehow taken on the responsibility of micromanaging his college career as well. 


I'm still working on a specific plan on how to implement these changes, but I know the status is not quo. So, my goal is before this challenge is over to brainstorm how to discuss this in a way that is productive but still honest.Easy, right? Ugh, I should stick to macros.







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