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NightWatcher needs a gorram nap... and then a res point

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*plunks* well, THAT was the most fun year I never want to have again.


2018 was... a rough, gross, terrible year for me, even apart from the general chaos that seems to have sprung forth the last few years in everyone's collective lives. It started out with losing my grandpa suddenly to massive heart failure the day I got back home from family holidays that he and Grandma didn't make it down for, and I wound up unemployed due to budget cuts at my local school district (I didn't get laid off, but it was a situation where I felt like if I didn't take the buyout offer I was looking at the possibility of getting laid off and not getting a nice jump off point for finding a new job with said buyout. They let us know that if 4 people didn't quit, layoffs were coming.) And unemployment / job hunting is much less fun than it sounds, and I'm aware that it even sounds like shit. On top of which general shittyness, my ADHD, anxiety and depression all decided to have a party.


Thankfully, in November I found a decent paying job, the first one I've ever had that actually uses even part of my degree (that piece of paper I'm still paying for? Yeah, that one) about 45 minutes from where I live, and today I found what I hope will be my new apartment in that town if all goes well with my application to said apartment. So I'm cautiously optimistic that maybe, possibly, hopefully 2019 might be slightly less horrific. So as long as nothing else blows up in my face and draws my entire attention again, I'll look forward to actually respawning with challenges here in the new year.

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On 12/12/2018 at 10:53 PM, Elastigirl said:

Sorry about the rough year. Sounds like 2019 will be a much better year

*waves* Heyas, Elastigirl!!

I certainly hope so, it's setting up to be better organized at least. 


On 12/13/2018 at 11:05 AM, Jean said:

I.. don't know what to say, but I'm with you.


Here's to nothing blowing up in 2019 and to your respawn!

Thanks much! 

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