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Hello all,

Am an older fitness enthusiast, have trained a lot of modalities and over a bunch of years (am 51 now). Looking to keep up enthusiasm, share strategies, successes, failures, questions, answers, post a training log.


Also considering getting my PT certification at some point, so am always interested in how other folks plan and do.


Am not very dogmatic, some of what I do for fitness is a bit off the wall, though always with structure and purpose - a reason behind the madness. Many of the fitness forums out there are built up around a promoted philosophy of some sort or another and that ultimately doesn't sit well with me.


Have a good bit of background with kettlebells (instructor certification through Steve Maxwell), barbell, dumbbell, sandbags and most recently tackling isometrics as a primary resistance training modality. Have also had to train around a bunch of injuries including but not limited to bad wrists, arthritis in the lower back, degenerative cervical disks, and this further influences how I train.


My goals are to put on a few more lbs of muscle and drop a bit of bodyfat. I am constantly looking for ways to get better carryover of fitness and strength to everyday activities/ unpracticed movements - am not very much concerned with how much weight I can lift except as a general indicator of what direction I'm going. Had my kids late and now am determined to stay fit and active as long as possible.



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