Hello, and a very warm welcome to this seasoned holiday tradition!   As an ambassador of the Ranger Corps™ i welcome you to: SQUATMAS™ '18-Edition   Last year we had a very merry crowd of people that during X-Mas and Boxing day did squats and deadlifts. Goal was to do 50/50. 50 reps with 50% bodyweight. Squats on X-Mas day and Deadlifts on Boxing day. And a side goal was to tape yourself doing it and posting it here, this is not a requirement but a nice to have. It's great knowing and seeing you have performed this with other Rebels. And as a bonus this year you will be noted as a squatmas legend if you participated last year!   Unfortunately, last year, for me, being a host to both sides of the family on both days put a dent in that plan and i was only able to perform the squats.   So this year is time for a rematch. People that joined up last year and performed the 50/50 might want to, up the ante, and can go for a 55/55 or a 60/60.   I want to keep the same format, but doing either is just fine. X-Mas day: 50/50 Squats Boxing day: 50/50 Deadlifts   Just remember: taking part is more important than winning.     And with no further ado i want to present you last year legends (in alphabetical order, cause my mind will have a meltdown if i do "random" stuff):   @Emerald Eagle SQ @Morag @Raxie @Terra SQ @WhiteGhost SQ / DL   So i will be relying on them to participate this year and i hope to see many more rebels join in!   Just reply here stating what you want to do, and reply again (preferably with a nice uploaded youtube or FB video) after you did it!