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Can't fix my bench press after injury. Any advice?

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Hi, everyone.
I'm here to ask for your opinions, people. 
The story is that I am recently back to training after a long 2-years break. 
I have had a shoulder injury with surgery. Hardly recovered not so long ago. 
So after a month in the gym I noticed that my bench press is stuck almost at where I started.
To give you more details - I'm 190 lbs, my personal best in bench press was 320 lbs. 2 years ago.
Suprisingly I haven't lost that much strength in other exercises like squats or curls, but my bench press is a huge problem now.
Oh, forgot to give you numbers - 200 lbs sharp for a single-rep feels kinda...meh and it doesnt go up.
I can't get what's wrong? Could it be my elbows or my shoulder? My chest seems like growing fast but it doesn't give power at all, not a single pound.
Thanks if anyone could tell me anything.

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After my shoulder surgery my bench was hands down the slowest thing to return. It's something you need to take time with. That being said, where are you seeing sticking points during the lift? You might be able to do accessory or replacement lifts to work on the shortcomings as you work on bringing your bench back up.

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