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WhiteGhost's Inaugural Annual Plenary Session

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Taking a page out of @deftona's book, I am going to put together an overall framework that I want to use to provide a little overriding direction to my goals.  


Over the past couple of years that I have been here on NF, my focus has been a little

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Sorry, what was I saying?  Oh, yes.  Distracted.  I have get easily distracted when I find some new shiny objective, which keeps me from sticking to something and working really hard to get it dialed in.  On the other hand, it also keeps me from getting bored so what I really need is some balance between the two.  That's where this comes in.  I want to outline some guidelines to provide some semblance of structure to what I am doing.  The framework will be based on the D&D character stats:

Image result for D&D


Strength - This will be activities that primarily build up strength, although it may also help with Dexterity or Constitution.  Shiny activities include:

 - Gymnastics (High Bar, Parallel Bars)

 - Rings

 - Paralettes

 - Calisthenics

 - General Bodyweight Training

Dexterity - This is activities that will increase mobility, flexibility and balance.  Obviously these will probably also have some overlap.  Shinies include:

 - Hand Balancing

 - Parkour / Freerunning

 - Tricking

 - Flipping

 - BMX Flatland

 - Skateboarding

 - Slacklining

 - Stretching

 - Yoga

 - Animal Flow / General Mobility

Constitution - These are things that will keep me healthy, either from staving off sickness or just by building healthy habits.  Shinies include:

 - Cutting down on sugary snacks

 - Increasing fruit & vegetable consumption

 - Cooking

 - Wim Hof Method

 - Running / Steady State Cardio

Intelligence - These are things that will increase my knowledge in specific areas.  Shiny activities I can work on include:

 - Non- Fiction Reading (History, Economics/Politics, Science

 - TED Talks / Podcasts

 - Industry Research

 - Language Learning (i.e. Spanish on Duolingo)

Wisdom - These are activities that will make me a better person.  Huntable shinies include:

 - Religious Observance (Attending Church, Fulfilling Responsibilities, etc.)

 - Personal Spirituality (Prayer, Scripture Reading)

 - Service To Others

 - Investing in Family Relationships 

 - Finding Meaningful Employment

 - Building Good Habits

 - Overcoming Procrastination 

Charisma - These are things I can do that will help me improve social interactions.  Shiny Activities Include:

 - Remembering Names & Using Them

 - Trying New Experiences

 - Cleanliness (Clean Home, Polished Shoes, etc.)


Obviously these are way to much to be focusing on for a single challenge.  On the other hand, I don't want to be working on the same thing over and over, because that way lies burnout.  What I want to do is to create a selection of choices to be incorporated into my challenges in 2019.  A sort of drop-down selection menu, if you will. 


For each challenge this year, I want to work on building up ALL of my stats, not just the fun ones.  To do so, each challenge will have an item from each category.  How exactly I implement it, however, will be based on the particular lay out of that specific challenge.


I have no idea if this will even work for me, but I figure it is better than just flying by the seat of my pants.  


Let's go kick this year off!!!

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